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Winter Fashion Tips For Fat

With the proximity of the winter the shop windows of the shops fill with amazing pieces, after all the menswear WINS almost European outlines in this time of year and the opportunity to dress elegantly has an appeal irresistible! Unfortunately the warm clothes can be a trap for the fatties that try to make it seem more aligned, because a volume, stripe or color in the wrong place are a danger for those who do not want to be chunkier than it already is, see some pieces that will leave your more slender silhouette and others that could disrupt anyone overweight : Continue reading

2016 Spring Women’s Fashion Trends

Ok, the days get longer but temperatures sometimes remain fresh. The solution? Lighter outfits can withstand showers with style.

At each change of season, it’s the same problem:”My winter business, I keep them or even put them away?” “And my summer business, I already get out or I wait a little?” Fortunately, there is a whole family of clothing polymorphic, easy to live in any season. Products able to cope with frequent changes in temperature in the spring while adding a touch of color, style, lightness and escape.

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Fashion Trend Casual Wear

What shall we wear for spring/summer 2016? The casual wear is various proposed by the big chains and department stores you could easily lose and confuse: make no mistake purchases, discover all the trends of the season, the must-have items and what you can pick out of the closet!

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Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Heavier

What are the clothes that make you look fatter our bodies and lower than it actually is? We tell you in this article.
But this dress I get fat? How many times have we asked that question as we look with skeptical look in the mirror, looking for the smallest defect. And, if in the house with us there is some unfortunate that it can dissolve our doubts willing to take a few insults if so, what would make our best friend, we arrovelliamo to see if we’re good or not.

Sometimes, it would be handy to have a guide that clearly and directly, tell us what is best not to wear not to seem wider than tall. Just why did this article, to meet all those women who occasionally commit some slip. So here’s our advice:

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