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Super Squirrel 2/3 People

All the tents of the line Super Squirrel have sealed seams, reinforced sealing, door with mosquito net, Windows protected by mosquito net fabric, side stabilizers, fiber rods fastened by elastic, good ventilation to minimize condensation, three positions (closed, semi-closed and open), and the sobreteto Treaty for greater resistance to the Sun’s rays. Comes with bag with strap. Weight: 3.8 kg.  Continue reading

How to Start a Children’s Summer Camp

Camping is a big part of the style of travel for many young families. However, if you want to go to the tent for the first time, and the children are still small is good to have a plan and some guidelines on which to manage. Here, some of the important things that you must comply if you have children camping:

How much should you spend?

First things first, which determines enjoyment rest is your budget? Prices for family size tents vary wildly. If only schedule used air conditioning or go casual summer weekend camping can rent from a friend as the first attempt.

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How to Stop Your Tent from Leaking

No matter how well built tent or claims made ​​by the manufacturer, tents leak. Most modern tents are double – seamed and coverage of seam sealer is applied to seams to keep rain from entering the seam. During use, these coatings may deteriorate and allow water to penetrate inches annual maintenance of these seams with new coating of seam sealer or applying seam tape allows the tent to keep his time waterproofing.

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How to Make a Van Tent

Many tourists come to the tent included, but minibuses and older tourists sometimes miss this holiday. In these cases, you may want to buy one and make it professionally installed, or build your own. Creating a functional and attractive tent camper or van takes some many common materials available from any hardware store or home improvement. If you’re handy, installation takes about one hour.

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Camping in the Garden Ideas

From the makeshift shelter for camping cabin hard, everything is possible (but not necessarily permitted year-round) to enjoy a moment of relaxation in the garden. You will discover the best ideas of camp “without moving from home’ come us strangely travelers or the tribes of the more or less distant lands! Today, we talk of the trend “glamping”, contraction of “glamour” and “camping” to evoke the desire to enjoy the nature in tents or prettiest atypical facilities than others and relatively comfortable.

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