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For Daytime Wedding

With the popularity of weddings during the day, it’s always a good idea to have a few looks on the sleeve, but few are so perfect for this kind of event as the chosen this week.

Because It Works

Of course, light and sexy in the right measure, ideal for a sunny day of summer or spring. Choose a fresh fabric such as wool, flax or ramie cold, combine as in the photo, wearing a shirt off white or cream and finish with a metallic-toned tie, ideal for celebrations. If the Sun is bothering you, make sure you choose a sunglasses with more sophisticated design, avoiding the sports. Continue reading

How to Wear Pastel Pink?

This spring 2016, the trend is pink. But beware, not any shade: the pastel pink. He plays the powdery, dusty pink or almost white, it is everywhere on the catwalk as on the shoulders of knowledgeable fashionistas. How to wear? They tell you everything.

1- From Pastel on My Skirt

Pantone has said and assured that spring, pastel pink – or quartz is its new name – will be one of the colors to adopt absolutely. To integrate with ease to our dressing room, opt for the skirt, pleated and preferably length midi (to be bang on trend). And because the sun is not forthcoming, it is associated with a soft sweater, a black turtleneck, a biker, or a light gray overcoat.

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How to Choose the Shape of Sunglasses?

The ultimate accessory for the holidays? The Sun of course! This summer a single objective: to blow the mind.Acetate, titanium or metal by Krys on through Ray – Ban and Chanel, Dior discover thirteen ways to show off in the Sun. Attention the eyes!

Every year it’s the same story… What sunglasses choose to show off on the beaches?

To help you, Cosmo took 13 pairs of sunglasses more Golden than the other.

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Balmain Sunglasses in Summer

Balmain is a brand booming, his clothes are more and more often an absolute must for the stars and for us fashionistas. Balmain for Spring Summer 2010 also debuts nell’eyewear proposing the glamorous sunglasses made ​​in collaboration with well-known brand of optical the LA Oliver Peoples, hence, the line Oliver Peoples pour Balmain. The eHangzhou.org sunglasses are the first experiment in optics and I must say it is an experiment very well managed, for now available only two pairs, but I am certain that as early as next fall, there will be a larger collection.

Balmain, under the baton of Christophe Decarnin, also dives into the world of eyewear with two proposals glamor and Unisexy, we have two models called Balmain 1 and 2 Balmain that are available in a limited edition for the mini collection Oliver Peoples pour Balmain.

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Crystallized Sunglasses Summer

When it comes to sunglasses it is always great to see the various proposals that the designers have in Serb for us. Today begins a guide to choosing sunglasses for summer 2009. Since fashion is a new site, we have the luxury of being extravagant and start with sunglasses crystallized, ie glasses with rhinestones, gems and crystals!

Sunglasses we are discussing today are real glasses jewelry, luxury has no borders and that we know well, but the glasses glam are new for me too! These glasses have obviously exorbitant prices, especially some models, but in any case are so beautiful that it is already a pleasure to watch them!

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