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Largest Eel Stocking Measure of in Germany

In the water system 2012, 2013 and 2014 total 400,000 eels in 25 different places were exposed to Lune and pipe. That is the largest stocking action in the Club’s history of the fishing sport club Bremerhaven Wesermünde e.V. and in Germany for years.

This year, the fishing sport club Bremerhaven Wesermünde e.V. over a river length of approximately 60 km total has suspended 100,000 stretched for eels with a weight of 5-10 grams per piece in the Lune and pipe. Thus, the Club further continues his stocking action from previous years. Meanwhile, over 400,000 eels in the local waters were suspended as already in the past three years.

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Fashion Tips for Wearing Leggings

One of the most unusual female clothing pieces are leggings. Its virtually any image can add originality, but often associated with cold weather and articles tricotés.Comment wear leggings, so they add grace and polish your image?

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Calzedonia New Collection Autumn 2016

Elegant and yet indomitable: is this the woman of Calzedonia 2015/2016 autumn-winter collection, which offers tights and leggings by tailoring details, including embroidery and games of transparencies.
The arrival of autumn and the cold weather, over sweaters and coats, means tights and socks, preferably signed Calzedonia. For next season, the fashion house offers a collection able to satisfy all tastes, focused mainly in shades of gray and black, but that has embroidery games, transparencies and color peaks, especially with regard to the socks.

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