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I’m Addicted to You H & M

Your wardrobe? All basic grays or blacks bosses.

  1. Your mantra fashion? Casual and basic. Not live without skinny jeans and white T-shirt.
  2. Ah, then you conceive the only colors are white, black and (sometimes also gray). Match the three fantastic is easy. Your looks are impeccable even when they are completely random.
  3. From  H & M buy shoes too. Not only the dancers but also shoes with high heels. So even if you smash three times after that put cost so little you can throw them without remorse.
  4. “Perfection does not exist, perfection does not exist!”. It is the hammer phrase that you repeat to find a poor consolation to the fact that the policy H & M does not include deliveries to the office. Because?

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The Perfect Road Bicycle

Exercise is healthy. Many people practicing sports, including cycling. Cycling makes a person fit and healthy body and soul. The Round Cycling in the beautiful countryside, the beautiful open spaces, ponds in the rugged mountains with a magnificent skyline… To make a nice trip, it is important to have good material. In this article you will find a list and useful information about various brands of racing.

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Best Lightweight Sleeping Bag for Hiking

No good hike without a sleeping bag at the height! As important to your recovery and for your peace of mind, your bed can make a big difference between a successful trip or not.Here’s how to choose it according to your adventures.

Padding down or synthetic fibers?

Select trim his sleeping bag hiking is the top priority. This decision largely depends on the conditions in which you exercise your getaway. Very warm, insulating, comfortable: the down sleeping bag is undoubtedly the most pleasant to use. It is the choice that is closest to our cozy duvet, and offers the best potential for recovery. It is also the easiest to carry with high compaction capacity. But beware of wet environments! The cost is usually prohibitive for beginners. More versatile and cheaper, the synthetic sleeping bag seduce a larger number of practitioners. But its insulating power and comfort will be significantly lower than the down.

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