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Winter Fashion Tips For Fat

With the proximity of the winter the shop windows of the shops fill with amazing pieces, after all the menswear WINS almost European outlines in this time of year and the opportunity to dress elegantly has an appeal irresistible! Unfortunately the warm clothes can be a trap for the fatties that try to make it seem more aligned, because a volume, stripe or color in the wrong place are a danger for those who do not want to be chunkier than it already is, see some pieces that will leave your more slender silhouette and others that could disrupt anyone overweight : Continue reading

How to Choose Good Cufflinks


How can a man who is not so fond of jewelry still get a little fancier effect to shirts and suits? The answer is of course that he can make use of cufflinks is a classical non-jewelry for men. Cufflink assumes that you have a shirt that has a hole for the button, so if you give away this button as a gift you get may also be sure to send a shirt. Once you begin to make use of cufflinks so you quickly realize how much finer a shirt gets when wearing them. Nowadays there are even more fun models that can be fun to wear when you may not need to be formally dressed.

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Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2016

Straight from the catwalk, here is what will be trendy in fashion spring summer 2016: Shoulder, petticoats, dress jackets and many others to discover new trends in fashion colors for the coming season!

As we will dress for the Spring Summer 2016? As we want! Yes, the trend for the warmer seasons are so many that surely will please all tastes. From Milan to Paris to New York, the designers have played with colors very vibrant, new fabrics and above all lots of “throwback” ie there is a high possibility that what goes in fashion this spring/summer face already part of our wardrobe: this is indeed a good news for our portfolio! Let’s take a look at the major fashion trend for spring summer 2016 season.

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10 Phrases for Dressing up

At least once in life you definitely happen to utter one of those phrases front of the cabinet. The first alarm signal? Talk with clothes, hoping that answer you.

  1. I have nothing to wear.
  2. It must have shrunk. It’s not you that you expanded. No no, not at all… When in doubt, blame it to the washing machine.
  3. Where I am finished my flowery dress? Out loud, impatient, waiting for me to answer the closet or shake the hanger where it hung the dress. On second thought it would be a very interesting feature for a home automation wardrobe, you should offer it to Apple!
  4. Come out and fight, damn moth! When you find a hole in your cashmere sweater. Followed by insults, death threats addressed to the insect, screams and tears. Continue reading

How to Dress Alternative Fashion

What is alternative fashion? The concept is difficult for some people and understand. After all, everything is different from the other and is not reviewed and how current fashion trend, has an alternative look. Fashionistas define this style as lack of style existing in the fad of the universe. How so? If you are not pop, romantic, modern, casual, social and the like, you fit in alternative fashion.

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Latest Trend in Women’s Fashion

The rustic fashion never goes out of fashion, and not only in the June festivals it appears, from which you think came the fringe on boots, bags and many other accessories? All this is the hick fashion.

The most common items are sweaters with print chess, clothes and bags in leather and boots, but are far from the only ones. To give a rustic air to look you can use a handkerchief or even jeans.

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Fashion Trend Casual Wear

What shall we wear for spring/summer 2016? The casual wear is various proposed by the big chains and department stores you could easily lose and confuse: make no mistake purchases, discover all the trends of the season, the must-have items and what you can pick out of the closet!

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Trends to Wear in 2016

Shirts pussy neck, fluid blouses and printed T-shirts: even when temperatures drop, chic tops is slipped under our winter coats to stay on top.

With the arrival of winter, we all want to take refuge in a sweater blanket. Why not? Yet in terms of fashion, style and choices, shirts, blouses and long sleeve t-shirts defend well and fit every occasion.
By cons, to parade the office or to laze on the weekend these are the fashion requirements to follow to stay on top of fashion this season for little tops.

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