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Nine Things That Us Gives Shame Buy Have The Age That Have

Maybe that long time has passed since that embarrassing first that you came into a pharmacy to buy an intimate product and now you are already cured / of fear. You are the King or Queen of the personal shopping, you’ve crossed you over one sexshop looking for a toy to give and go in the underground reading the latest erotic book of fashion without problems. But still There are certain things in your shopping list that make you sweat drop fat When you go to the store and would give anything to not have to buy them in person. Continue reading

Tips on Tangerine Hair Dye

The tangerine color is high among the famous. The tone, which looks like a faded redhead, is, in fact, a color achieved with the correct coloring and indicated for each hair tone. Red and orange are colors that are difficult to maintain because they take time to stick to the hair. Especially tangerine, which is an orange that looks good on women in the whiter, for combining better with the skin tone. Here are some tips on tangerine hair dye. Continue reading

Raw Cosmetics

01 September 2014 raw food for the skin raw food has long been on everyone’s lips. The food heat not over 48 degrees and keep therefore the nutrients that are not heat-resistant. Supporters of the raw-food movement therefore assume that their meals contain more vitamins, minerals and trace elements than cooked dishes. Now the lifestyle phenomenon on the beauty industry has jumped over: raw cosmetics, so cosmetics with cold processed ingredients, are currently booming.  Continue reading