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Men’s Style In The World

Comparing the photo galleries of Milan, New York and London with that of Paris found a style more sober about the colors and bolder in terms of modeling and combination of the pieces than one might expect. The Parisian doesn’t seem to care much about the next set silhouette dominating the men’s fashion in the last decade, since their clothes show personality and style. Continue reading

Collection NeroGiardini for 2016

The autumn-winter collection 2015/2016 of NeroGiardini offers shoes, apparel, accessories and handbags designed for a casual woman, yet chic.
What happens when the quality and comfort meet the elegance? We have the Fall-Winter 2015/2016 of NeroGiardini. The brand of shoes, but also clothing and accessories made ​​in Italy,  recognizable by the Italian flag you see on his creations for this season offers a rose-rich proposals of style and at the same time sober, that follow the trends of the moment.

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How to Dress for Rainy Cold Weather

The rain puts us in crisis if we want to be nice. Here are some little tricks to be beautiful even when the weather is bad!

For many of us the rain is a worry, because it makes it difficult to dress well without dunking ruinously.

When the weather is nice and the sun is shining, we have to go to the beach or in the mountains, at work or school, it seems easy to find the right outfit.

But what to wear when it rains? Discover now what are the must-have items for not renouncing to be fashionable even when the weather is bad!

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Fashion Tips for Winter 2016

Having style is a matter of “touch”. Our advice to create his touch.

1 – The Long Gloves

How fortunate not to feel the cold wind rush under our sleeves and freeze our forearms … It could be a good reason to wear long gloves, but first, it’s just that it’s ultra- trend! “The gesture that accompanies it is crucial. That puts it or you take it off, that the buttoned or unbuttoned patiently, it induces a tour of graceful and feminine hand,” says besides the world in its history of the glove. But the supreme elegance, but also to break the … by threading them with a shirt or sweater/sweatshirt over-size! It is cowardly, it dares all.

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How to Wear Grey Color

Boost the gray outfit with color thanks to our fashion tips. As chic as black, gray is a great value that will invade your winter and your wardrobe. Male essence, avoid the severe effect of feminizing the gray with the addition of a strong color. Green, orange, pink, purple or yellow, you can afford long to play with bright colors. Consider also the accessories that have vivid colors but be careful to respect harmony. Keep the style. Before going shopping or to build up your outfits with what you already have in your cupboards, follow our tips to associate, without fail, gray with a bright color.

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13 Most Common Fashion Mistakes

ll you always say “you did oldest!”: Run for cover immediately and show your true age! Because none of us wants to feel old before their time…

Tired of hearing you say that you look older than your age?

Find out right away because everyone thinks that about you.

Probably you are making mistakes in the look and make-up, which does not do justice to your beauty, but rather accentuate your flaws.

It’s time to update your image and prove to everyone that you are beautiful despite the passing years!

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Fashion Trend Autumn Winter 2016

Chic and practical, no doubt: it all good, and knows also renew each season. Shapes, colors … Zoom to focus on trends this autumn.

We must face the facts: the summer is well and truly over. The days are getting shorter, the sun is increasingly scarce and plummeting temperatures. But if it goes against the heart that we have our tidy little dress fetish to-end bottom of our wardrobe, do not panic: the mesh is also very chic! Exit the post-holiday blues super, and up to the super-mode-winter embodied foremost by the … of course mesh.
Because yes, mesh, we will never tire of. It is timeless, timeless, essential … In short, it is impossible to do without. Comfortable and sophisticated at the same time, no doubt: the mesh does not break! Well almost…

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