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Short Prom Dresses

Short Dress Photos and Templates

One of the pieces that are most sought after today are Short Dresses for Parties, because they are great pieces for us to wear at this time.Not that the other models have been forgotten or that they have gone out of fashion, but rather because the short ones are highlighting more even, and so they end up appearing in greater quantity to suit the taste of everyone looking for more modern pieces.You will check here the news of the moment, be sure to stay inside these launches because we are sure you will love. Continue reading

The Shoes and Handbags of Gabriel Spaniol

Last week I made a post of #dasruas talking about the opening of Gabriel Spaniol, a brand-new brand of handbags and shoes, male and female, and it’s time to talk a little more about the brand. Gabriel is the son of the owner of Carmen Steffens and for years led the expansion of the brand family for 16 countries, until I felt the urge to create your own brand, with cosmopolitan design and super linked the arts. Continue reading

Party Sandals

For starters, forget that story of that purse, shoes and belt must match. No, now has other ways to leave more harmonious look and in the case of a sandal, Yes, she must be a protagonist.

However, it may not be that easy to combine a sandal or shoe with a look. Because there are so many options that it is inevitable not to be in doubt. The most delicate models, more discreet, the more flamboyant, a wide choice, but each combines with a particular style of look. However, when you “dominates” the ground rules to match what’s good with you, you easily solves this problem. Just choose well and consider a few ground rules in time to make the decision. Continue reading

Disadvantages of Wearing Sandals

With summer temperatures, many of us have abandoned shoes and sneakers to wear flip flops, sandals and ballerinas. But as comfortable as they seem, these shoes would be really good for our feet, warn experts. That’s it, after weeks of rain, summer has finally arrived on the hexagon. The French are therefore did not pray to get out the summer clothes and the shoes that go with: sandals, ballerinas and even thongs. And this surprised no one: with the warm temperatures, what better than to have the feet cool rather than locked up in socks or shoes all laced?

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Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2016

Straight from the catwalk, here is what will be trendy in fashion spring summer 2016: Shoulder, petticoats, dress jackets and many others to discover new trends in fashion colors for the coming season!

As we will dress for the Spring Summer 2016? As we want! Yes, the trend for the warmer seasons are so many that surely will please all tastes. From Milan to Paris to New York, the designers have played with colors very vibrant, new fabrics and above all lots of “throwback” ie there is a high possibility that what goes in fashion this spring/summer face already part of our wardrobe: this is indeed a good news for our portfolio! Let’s take a look at the major fashion trend for spring summer 2016 season.

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How to Wear Pastel Pink?

This spring 2016, the trend is pink. But beware, not any shade: the pastel pink. He plays the powdery, dusty pink or almost white, it is everywhere on the catwalk as on the shoulders of knowledgeable fashionistas. How to wear? They tell you everything.

1- From Pastel on My Skirt

Pantone has said and assured that spring, pastel pink – or quartz is its new name – will be one of the colors to adopt absolutely. To integrate with ease to our dressing room, opt for the skirt, pleated and preferably length midi (to be bang on trend). And because the sun is not forthcoming, it is associated with a soft sweater, a black turtleneck, a biker, or a light gray overcoat.

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