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Mother’s Day Jewelry

The most incredible gifts are those that bear a meaning in themselves, which last a lifetime, and of course, the gifts given with love.For this reason, I believe that any woman, even those who are not so vain, get emotional when they are gifted with a jewel on Mother’s Day.The big question: what jewelry matches your mother?

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How to Rock Big Earrings?

You can’t deny that accessories can do a lot for a production: they can make you look more cool, chic and exquisite. All stations are emerging trends, and maxi wave doesn’t seem to want to say goodbye for a long time. It broke into general fashion, and were appearing in skirts, glasses, necklaces, wallets, purses, rings, etc. And you know those huge moon rocks that made a huge success last year? Since then, the maxi earrings promise to continue standing out in 2016.

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