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How To Wear Jeans To Work

When it comes to jeans to work the men who should be in Office always dressed formally already panic and the first idea that comes to mind is them not to wear denim at work in any way.

But it’s not like that, with the exception of professions with extremely strict dress code (case of judges and lawyers, for example), leave the routine and change the slacks for a pair of jeans can be a good one. Continue reading

Fashion Trend Plus Size 2016

The fashion trends are always a hit with women of all styles.

And women who are overweight also care about thelooks they will wear each year, after all every woman wants to look beautiful and fashionable .

As well as the traditional parades that present novelties in skinny models that even escape the standard of the population of women, also has the parades directed towards fashion plus size. Continue reading

How to Recognize a Good Bra Size?

Yet, a good bra, to be beautiful, in the chosen color, with or without lace, is a model adapted to our body, especially when it comes to a bra large size.

Too often forgotten, but a bra must above all ensure a good hold. So, we wondered how to recognize a good big bra size, what were the important criteria.

So we contacted Sandrine, specialist if any, and responsible for the website.

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Plus Size Winter Fashion Tips

Too big, too small, too thin, too round… For fashion, it is still “too something”! When one is small and round, the problem when we want to buy a dress is that the clips never fall in the right place, the length is not going at all, etc. In short, it is the cat!

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What to Wear to the Beach Plus Size

Lush form – there is no reason scarves and sit under the umbrella of the whole vacation. Swimwear for women, if properly selected, well hides figure flaws and profitable emphasizes the benefits.

Beachwear for Obese Women

To begin with, a variety of clothing for large beach is not much different from the standard clothing for the figures. Annual bathing suit should be stylish and feminine curved shape and smooth. If you come to the store and plus-size-tips plus size swimwear for full AZU start looking shapeless clothes, stop and pay attention to the following details of the closet:

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