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How To Wear Men’s Necklace?

The masculine necklace is one of the most consecrated accessories of the present time. Nothing more natural, after all, it has the power to enhance a basic look and enhance your style (whatever it is) in a unique way.

Anyone who wears necklace can value the look in various compositions, such as the traditional jeans and white shirt, for example, in addition to being the differential in increased visuals. Continue reading

Mother’s Day Jewelry

The most incredible gifts are those that bear a meaning in themselves, which last a lifetime, and of course, the gifts given with love.For this reason, I believe that any woman, even those who are not so vain, get emotional when they are gifted with a jewel on Mother’s Day.The big question: what jewelry matches your mother?

We separate some models for you with the suggestion that most matches her “mother moment”: Continue reading

How to Rock Big Earrings?

You can’t deny that accessories can do a lot for a production: they can make you look more cool, chic and exquisite. All stations are emerging trends, and maxi wave doesn’t seem to want to say goodbye for a long time. It broke into general fashion, and were appearing in skirts, glasses, necklaces, wallets, purses, rings, etc. And you know those huge moon rocks that made a huge success last year? Since then, the maxi earrings promise to continue standing out in 2016.

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How to Wear the Red Dress?

The red dress is simply a classic of feminine dressing. In my view, it is to raise the same level as the black dress. Its impact is so strong that sometimes it’s hard to dare to wear it, especially because we do not know which accessories to pay or what shoes to him the associate. I reveal in this article all my tips to properly wear the red dress.

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Victoria’s Secret Angel Costume Ideas

The Victoria’s Secret Angels are on the starting blocks for the Fashion Show 2016. Some news leaks out and even some design new costumes. Here is what you will prepare to wear the models during the show. You’ll be dazzled by the fireworks!

The highly anticipated Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is coming – the parade will be on November 10 in New York – and even if none of the bigwigs confirmed everyone, absolutely everyone, the details of the show, there is much to learn from these four sketches that were submitted in advance. Continue reading

How to Dress for the Holidays?

In celebration of the holiday season, a tradition that we all put on our 31 stuck for ideas to find the right outfit for this holiday season? You get some fashion tips for choosing the clothes that will accompany you to the end of the night.

A Holding Bling Parties … But Not Too Much!

So you can safely venture a brilliant festivals held at will, to bring the little festive side.However, be careful not to overdo it! Choose one piece sequined such a high neckline to emphasize your curves, and bet on sobriety for the rest of your outfit. So you can combine a nice glittery top with black trousers simple, or even jeans and a plain jacket and close-fitting. Remember, of course, the pair of heeled shoes to enhance your look!

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I’m Addicted to You H & M

Your wardrobe? All basic grays or blacks bosses.

  1. Your mantra fashion? Casual and basic. Not live without skinny jeans and white T-shirt.
  2. Ah, then you conceive the only colors are white, black and (sometimes also gray). Match the three fantastic is easy. Your looks are impeccable even when they are completely random.
  3. From  H & M buy shoes too. Not only the dancers but also shoes with high heels. So even if you smash three times after that put cost so little you can throw them without remorse.
  4. “Perfection does not exist, perfection does not exist!”. It is the hammer phrase that you repeat to find a poor consolation to the fact that the policy H & M does not include deliveries to the office. Because?

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Tangerine Tango Trend

This beautiful shades of orange will accompany us until the end of the year. What better occasion of autumn (especially Halloween) to sho

Tangerine Tango, this known!

No, this is not a mistake: this particular shade of orange , decreed by Pantone color of the year 2012 , will be seeking for a long time in all stores. But now that autumn has arrived, there is the problem of how to combine it with a complexion not really amber … .Nothing afraid! It ‘s simple and you get a very elegant result!

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