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The Dangers of The Internet and a Few More Drinks (Or Why You Should Block The Mobile If You Drink)

Imagine for a moment: Friday night, are alone in your living room, on TV they don’t miss anything that it worthwhile and already going by the second glass of wine. And then you miss the mobile hand and offer for that sale online this morning didn’t you for that, now you feel how essential. And is that alcohol and shopping online can be a very dangerous cocktail part. Continue reading

Intelligent Watch for Visually Impaired Will Have Braille Display

The smart Dot clock will be the world’s first with Braille reading for visually impaired users. The gadget, released on Monday (3), Seve like smart watch, fitness bracelet and even as reader of e-books. Developed by researchers from a startup from South Korea, Dot has as one of the aims to search for social inclusion with a specific device. Continue reading