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What Really Big Winners with Feminism Men

At this point in history, now nobody can doubt that the women We have a large debt with the feminists of previous generations, who fought to put at our disposal rights that our grandmothers could not even dream. One of the challenges of the current feminism refers to the relationship of the men with the movement. It is easy to find famous people who are doing much for feminism, but not everyone is willing to uphold the principles of feminism by simple altruism. So the question is: advantages achieved with feminism men? Continue reading

Hormones Can Disrupt the Chance of Getting Pregnant?

Try to get pregnant several times. To no avail, you may start to get suspicious of your health. Is he all right? Isn’t there something nonstandard that might be preventing the design? Of the many physiological psychological factors can disrupt the chance of pregnancy. So, get to know some of them can help you understand more about the complex female body and understand why the hormones influence both the body of the woman. Among the most common hormone changes can make pregnancy are polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which reaches about 7 percent of women, according to the service of Endocrinology of the Hospital das Clínicas of São Paulo; endometriosis, which affects about 7 million in Brazil, according to the Brazilian Association of Endometriosis and Gynecology; changes in thyroid, which in addition to changing the metabolism, reaches directly the hormones involved in pregnancy; and the pituitary, whose amendment is directly related to our emotions.

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