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Tips on What to Bring and What to Do in a Camp!

When you are choosing your camping gear, it is easy to forget some of the most important items such as flashlights, extra batteries and batteries.In camp, we often spend some time in complete monotony, since not everyone is accustomed to this type of program.But what to bring and what to do in a camp?

Before your next trip, we will make a basic suitcase with all the essentials for camping and some of the activities you can practice during the camping. Continue reading

Custom Maps

Explain some applications to add custom notes on maps.

Google Maps (our site) has been adopted by large communities to dump custom maps and create own cartography. Other options such as Nokia Here (our site) or (our site) Waze also made theirs and interesting social layers joined cartography built collaboratively. However, so far none of these tools offered an alternative for individual customization that added a private reference to the collaborative options. For example, the indication “here took the best dorado of my life” or “Ideal to go with children and nephews” label can add much to the reference for a point of interest whose official name, in principle, could not tell us anything. Not to mention if we want to do at some point a personal search with very personal approach to go with children to an outdoor exit. Continue reading