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Creative Lamps With LED Bulbs

Resistant and economical, LED bulbs are a great alternative to both indoor and outdoor lighting. Hometeka is a fan of this technology and we’ve talked about its features and advantages in this link .

With this in mind, we have separated some curious luminaires that can be equipped with LEDs to get you to know a little more and get inspired, as well as Gaya products that can help those who want to use this type of lighting. Continue reading

LED Lamp: E27 Bulbs In The Test

Just in the dark season, more than ever, we have light. LED lamps are enjoying increasing popularity, as long they are affordable even for average Joe and points in addition to efficiency especially with long service life, instant light rendering and are. LED retrofits fit into any standard bulb socket. The magazine CHIP has now tested E27er LED in three categories. Continue reading

4 Types of Light Bulbs

What is than a LED bulb?

A light-emitting diode, abridged under the acronyms LED or LED (English light-emitting diode), is an electronic component that is capable of emitting light when it is traversed by an electric current.
This technology is used for four decades for signage applications (light). A few years ago their power did not exceed a few miliwatts (mW) and the LEDS were available in red, green or yellow.
Today their power has increased considerably and they can be used in lighting.

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