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Cropped Jackets for the Winter

Cropped-jacket is classic trend.

There are pieces of clothing from all over the world should have in your closet. Not many who fall well with almost all kinds of styles, clothes and people, but the leather jackets type “cropped”, which are nothing more than the biker style, go well the various occasions and looks. This article as well known in fashion is one of the major trends of the last two winters and, in 2012, she does not lose strength. Continue reading

Embarking on the Grunge Trend with Ferracini shoes

The changes that turn the fashion world moving lifestyle and present new concepts for the urban styles. While the years 2000 have been permeated by the era of globalization, with parts made with high performance materials, the years that came after 2010 mixed the wearable technology (to wear) and the trends that take up the streetstyle of previous decades. Continue reading

Classic Coats: Check Out Looks

Winter has arrived and it’s time to ride looks out of House beautiful and protected. For that, a good tip is to bet on the classic coats! Some jackets never go out of fashion, are easy to find and cheap. Although trends are easy to use, the classic style is timeless and definitely hard to miss, especially in winter when the use of colors and models is limited. Check out this article looks with classical models of jackets and how to use them in everyday life, Visual simple and beautiful riding for both day and night. Continue reading

Retail Check-Paul & Friends

Located On The 2nd Floor Of Nk Stockholm, We Find One Of Stockholm’s Finest Men’s Stores. Paul & Friends Are For The Klädintresserade Stockholmers No News But What Really Impresses Us Is Fingertip Feeling Between High Fashion, Interesting Producers And Classic Craftsmanship. In This Regard, We Offer Something That Very Few Herrekiperingar Master At This Time. Everything From Welted Quality Shoes From Carmina And Tricker’s To Affordable Costumes From Their Own Line. Continue reading