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Classic Coats: Check Out Looks

Winter has arrived and it’s time to ride looks out of House beautiful and protected. For that, a good tip is to bet on the classic coats! Some jackets never go out of fashion, are easy to find and cheap. Although trends are easy to use, the classic style is timeless and definitely hard to miss, especially in winter when the use of colors and models is limited. Check out this article looks with classical models of jackets and how to use them in everyday life, Visual simple and beautiful riding for both day and night. Continue reading

Retail Check-Paul & Friends

Located On The 2nd Floor Of Nk Stockholm, We Find One Of Stockholm’s Finest Men’s Stores. Paul & Friends Are For The Klädintresserade Stockholmers No News But What Really Impresses Us Is Fingertip Feeling Between High Fashion, Interesting Producers And Classic Craftsmanship. In This Regard, We Offer Something That Very Few Herrekiperingar Master At This Time. Everything From Welted Quality Shoes From Carmina And Tricker’s To Affordable Costumes From Their Own Line. Continue reading

Leather Jacket and Grey Tailoring

A few days ago we talked about the colors that are high this winter and if you haven’t read the post I advise you to do it as soon as possible, if you read, or whether it is a man who pays attention to your back must have already noticed that Brown is one of the highlight colors for the station, as well as gray and their variations. The look right this week brings together these hues in the best way in a combination that goes from alinhadinho to relax with a few modifications, see below. Continue reading

TOP 10 Sweatshirts and Jackets

Talk TIME, all right? Look closer to winter, we’ve started to feel aqueeeeele cold and spent the time to get ready, huh? haha today, in partnership with King55, we put a TOP 10 special Sweatshirts and jackets, all brand new. Bora pro post see these releases?

Those who follow the male fashion, you must meet the King55, right? Vegan and sustainable Brand, 100% Cruelty Free (free of animal cruelty) and that’s always tuned in what happens in our Universe to print trends in its parts and products. Continue reading

How to Use Leather Jacket

Play is basic women’s wardrobe.

In autumn and winter many parts come out of the closet to invade the streets, one of them is the leather jacket, constant presence. The model leaves the rocker and sexy look depending on the look. The leather jackets combine with several pieces of denim jeans, skirts and dresses being versatile to compose looks for the night. They are perfect for those days when you’re uninspired, leaving your clothes with more style. Not for nothing is indispensable in the female wardrobe. Continue reading

The Perfect Jacket Was Created

Perhaps say that the jacket is perfect is a bit extreme, but they did a great job! The Grand Frank, designer based in Stockholm, Sweden, was responsible for the idea and design of the suede jacket, which is nothing new, but the way they found to make the project a reality and distribute the product for an extremely affordable price was the big deal: raising funds for collective financing site Kickstarter! Continue reading