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The Mobile Site Will Announce This Year’s Coolest Feature:

2013 has featured some brilliant new features-but who really had the smartest?

At the end of the year and 2013 has bid on brilliant new features in our mobile companions. We have gathered together the most exciting and innovative actions and will, kåre year’s best:

And the nominees are:

Apple iPhone 5S-Touch ID. Fingerprint readers are not new-but Apple’s integration is almost perfectly done.

Apple iPhone 5S-True tone flash. With a colored flash can now better adapt the Flash to Apple in dim light.  Continue reading

Friday-Humor: Here Are 3 Wild Cases for Your iPhone

If you want to make herself noticed, drastic measures may be necessary. Here are 3 bids that may arouse attention.

Since Apple presented their iPhone 5S, it was with a new color to the palette, for Gold.

Color evokes undeniably spectacular, but probably not enough, someone will probably think.

That is why our site found 3 cases for you who want full attention when in takes Apple phone up to your ear. Continue reading