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Instagram Invites to a Mysterious Event

Instagram invites press to a mysterious event that maybe pointing towards the physical print, chat function or Snap chat response.

Instagram invites you to a press event, but exactly what the event is all about is not known. The invitation has been sent to selected media on physical pressure, on paper, other media have gotten the invitation printed on wood.

On various websites to upload its Instagram pics and get printed on paper, glass, wood and other materials. When the invitation is sent, we can therefore speculate about the physical event will display an update of Instagram app that makes it possible to buy prints of his pictures. Continue reading

Now You Can Upload Private Photos on Instagram

The service is updated and now give their users the ability to share pictures and video as not everyone can view.

Instagram photo sharing service, invited the other day to the mysterious event, without really giving interested parties the opportunity to guess what was on the agenda.

Now they are ready with the function “Instagram Direct”, which will allow you to share pictures and video, with up to 15 people at a time.

Now when you want to share content, you can choose from your followers or instead use Direct, so not all your followers see the internal joke you have running with a buddy.

It will now also be apparent which of the people who have seen the picture or video, and you will be able to spread out from the view of who “like” about it.

Instagram is updated to version 5.0 for both iOS and Android. Instagram for Windows Phone is still in beta.


Social Media: Here Men Get Rear Wheel

Many men will probably think that they are women technology superior – but at a special area dominates women.

In a cliché-filled world, many men probably think that they are clearly women technology superior. But if you look at the facts, several of the men become smarter, and discovering that several social media is dominated by women.

Women status updates, share photos and checking in, much more a men, when it comes to the social media Facebook and Instagram.
A study conducted by the Epinion consultancy firm on behalf of Microsoft Denmark shows that eight out of ten women have a Facebook profile, while the same thing only applies to six out of ten men. Continue reading