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Meet the Smallest Wireless Headsets on the Market

Bluetooth headsets are becoming common, but most are not at all inconspicuous.Many are quite flashy headphones, with vibrant colors covering the entire ear.

Discover five discreet electronics not to draw attention on the street

For those who want to walk on the street without attention, the best out is the small wireless earbuds, which fit the ear and can even be disguised with the hair.In the following list, we have separated five models for you to walk quietly and safely.All wireless headsets can be purchased from Brazil. Continue reading

Meet the Most Cost-Effective Bluetooth Headsets on the Market

Wireless headphones are a great advance for a variety of situations.However, there are still few of them in Brazil, and some are very expensive.Therefore, TechTudo has decided to give a helping hand to those who want to buy one and made a list with 10 models of Bluetooth headsets with interesting cost benefit.There are gadgets from $ 69.90 up to $ 1,500, for all tastes.Check below. Continue reading

Games, Music and Sports: See Tips for Choosing Ideal Headset

The headset is practical for those who enjoy privacy and greater immersion.In Brazil, the user will find several models, one for each style.Likes sports?So maybe it’s worth investing in a waterproof and sweat-proof device.As for game fans, headphones with large shells and extra features can give the game a head start.3D audio offers a distinctive touch for anyone who likes music or wants more complete audio. Continue reading