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Sommarklassikern-Panama Hat

Male headgear associated the most summer with baseballkepsar but few if any product beats Panama Hat when it comes to classic elegance. With an impressive craftsmanship and materials of the highest quality, it is an investment for not only this summer but for decades to come. It’s hard as a young man to wear the top hat in today’s society so be it but a model with the right size and brim for you as the carrier makes all the difference. Continue reading

How to Recognize a Good Bra Size?

Yet, a good bra, to be beautiful, in the chosen color, with or without lace, is a model adapted to our body, especially when it comes to a bra large size.

Too often forgotten, but a bra must above all ensure a good hold. So, we wondered how to recognize a good big bra size, what were the important criteria.

So we contacted Sandrine, specialist if any, and responsible for the website.

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Collection NeroGiardini for 2016

The autumn-winter collection 2015/2016 of NeroGiardini offers shoes, apparel, accessories and handbags designed for a casual woman, yet chic.
What happens when the quality and comfort meet the elegance? We have the Fall-Winter 2015/2016 of NeroGiardini. The brand of shoes, but also clothing and accessories made ​​in Italy,  recognizable by the Italian flag you see on his creations for this season offers a rose-rich proposals of style and at the same time sober, that follow the trends of the moment.

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How to Dress Alternative Fashion

What is alternative fashion? The concept is difficult for some people and understand. After all, everything is different from the other and is not reviewed and how current fashion trend, has an alternative look. Fashionistas define this style as lack of style existing in the fad of the universe. How so? If you are not pop, romantic, modern, casual, social and the like, you fit in alternative fashion.

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13 Most Common Fashion Mistakes

ll you always say “you did oldest!”: Run for cover immediately and show your true age! Because none of us wants to feel old before their time…

Tired of hearing you say that you look older than your age?

Find out right away because everyone thinks that about you.

Probably you are making mistakes in the look and make-up, which does not do justice to your beauty, but rather accentuate your flaws.

It’s time to update your image and prove to everyone that you are beautiful despite the passing years!

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