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Le Postiche: Buy Online, Handbags, Purses and Price Models

Le Postiche: Buy Online, Handbags, Purses, And Price Models

The Le Postiche is a great store selling purses and bags, with more than 30 years in the market.Founded in 1978, began your story in the market of handbags and bags in a small shop in Moema, which grew and acquired a captive clientele, your range of products, quality and competitive prices. Continue reading

A Chat about… Accessories

In General, the male wardrobe not many options, especially compared to the female. It’s all summed up the essential basic without much creativity, antics or frills. It goes straight to the point. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, here we have too many choices. But anyway, so is a bit tricky to give the air of your personality, give the finish straight and put the kiss on your personal style visual because risks remain very similar to the neighbor , no matter what. Continue reading

The Shoes and Handbags of Gabriel Spaniol

Last week I made a post of #dasruas talking about the opening of Gabriel Spaniol, a brand-new brand of handbags and shoes, male and female, and it’s time to talk a little more about the brand. Gabriel is the son of the owner of Carmen Steffens and for years led the expansion of the brand family for 16 countries, until I felt the urge to create your own brand, with cosmopolitan design and super linked the arts. Continue reading

Bag Rafitthy: Templates for Use at Work

Who said look for work don’t deserve every whim? The chicks can add and highlight visual from a beautiful  woman’s handbag, but you need to know to choose the right model for the boxes and not look tacky. The professional environment, most of the time, requires more formal appearance and posture and behaved. Not to get away from this line, meet and work with models and colors of bags  Rafitthy  to go to work. Continue reading

Cavalier Bags – Where to Buy?

Learn Where to Buy Cavalier Bags

Cavalier Bags are very beautiful, they remind us a lot of Kipling brand bags, which is why the young people are the ones who buy the most from this brand, because they know that it is great, it takes off and is stylish too.But if you need a new and different bag bet on the models of this brand, even though the bags are priced much more than many brands we have in the market, and you can use on several occasions, especially on the day day, at the gym and even for you to go to school or college.So keep an eye on the news as soon as possible. Continue reading

Men’s Style In The World

Comparing the photo galleries of Milan, New York and London with that of Paris found a style more sober about the colors and bolder in terms of modeling and combination of the pieces than one might expect. The Parisian doesn’t seem to care much about the next set silhouette dominating the men’s fashion in the last decade, since their clothes show personality and style. Continue reading

Types of Women’s Bags

Meet 11 different models of women’s handbags

Have you stopped to realize how there are so many different names of models of women’s handbags?Especially when shopping on the internet, you can notice the myriad of nomenclatures that the dear female companions can receive.

In order to prevent you from being confused or in doubt about the existing models, we explain in this matter the difference between the main types of feminine bags. Continue reading