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Hairstyle Tips For the Bride

The hippie look enchants brides all over the world.And what can not be missing in the Flower Power mood?The bride’s flower ring – a natural accessory for brides who plan a casual wedding in the open or simply love the blossoming splendor!

As with your bridal dress the flower wreath can be part of the party? Here we have many great example pictures for you, bet a few important tips and finally show a video to the Selbermachen! Continue reading

Intimate Luxury

Fearful of not letting the relationship cool, many partners find unusual alternatives to spice up bed life. One of the bold ways is to depilate pubic hair in the shape of heart, star, Playboy bunny or the partner’s initial. These formats are among the most sought after in beauty salons and aesthetics. The pubic hair is removed according to the design chosen and colored according to the taste of the client.

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Bohemian Hairstyles

Yesterday began the spring and surely you have a season filled with baptisms, weddings, communions, graduations and all kinds of celebrations in which you are going to have to take care of your look, both the hairstyle and clothing, to go pretty well. If you want to save a few euros, we are going to recommend a few tutorials simple hairstyles style Bohemian you going to result from more useful and you can get yourselves. Continue reading

How to Appear Taller Without Heels

Would you like to earn a few centimeters in height but do not want to wear heels? We have the solution: in this article we list 11 tricks to appear taller.

Women whose legs are slender as those of a dachshund and whose height allows you to shop in department children, the appeal! You, that on certain days you want to soar in the crowd instead of lose yourself in it, you, you would want as much reach the meter and sixty, you who feel the need to look into the eyes who look upon you without having a stiff neck, you have found article that answers your needs.

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