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Denim Jacket As Inspiration

The inspiration of today has a piece that has already been hit in decades but just back strong in super stylish looks. We’re talking about the denim jacket! Cast the first stone who never had a Planet Hollywood jacket?! Well, for those who do not give him a chance to play, now the jacket appears remodeled, with modeling more slim and with new finishes. And was inspired by blogger productions Nati Vozza I selected two options for you: Continue reading

13 Most Common Fashion Mistakes

ll you always say “you did oldest!”: Run for cover immediately and show your true age! Because none of us wants to feel old before their time…

Tired of hearing you say that you look older than your age?

Find out right away because everyone thinks that about you.

Probably you are making mistakes in the look and make-up, which does not do justice to your beauty, but rather accentuate your flaws.

It’s time to update your image and prove to everyone that you are beautiful despite the passing years!

Continue reading

The Parade of Balenciaga “My Dear”

How hard is celebrity, but today it is just as hard to be fashion editor or Director Star Magazine beyond the seas. They who have always gone unnoticed, now are focus of attention. So there is another that pull you 4 hours, choose outfit, called the designer’s turn to let you this and the other and if you already rozas the freak, opt for this small detail that you’re not who you are, it would be ridiculous. Continue reading