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3 Styles of High Heels That You Need This Season

Timeless and classic, heels simply cannot be defined otherwise. For as long as one can imagine, the heels have been great zone of comfort for many people and the ideal footwear for those wishing to add personality and style to your outfit without going to the extreme. And with the arrival of autumn, the use of heels is certainly a great idea. Some of the best options to consider are: Continue reading

Alexander Wang Premieres at the Firm

Yesterday to first hour started the second day in Paris of your Fashion week and no one wanted to miss the event of the moment. So all the guests got the wake up well soon to preen, prepare as anyone to be the first guest to enter to the Palais de Tokyo. Why? For the simple reason that yesterday Alexander Wang premiered at the front of Balenciaga. And what you want to tell you, a very sober collection in black and white and gray shades, but to me, I was convinced. Could it be that I have no hand to the futuristic air that some designers try to sneak us? Continue reading