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Social Life, The Short What You Help to Remember That The Postureo Can Be Finished with Your Real Life

We already have another YouTube video (sorry, award-winning short in several festivals) to share on our wall of Facebook, tweet, retuitear, favear and give it to ‘like’. Speaks of “a woman named Meredith who lives life has always wanted… online.” That says its creator, Kerith Lemon. We are going to like and we are going to spread because we will offer a small chance of making us feel superior This non-existent girl because we certainly, We are not like her. Continue reading

Google, Facebook and Yahoo! Plan to Test Higher with IPv6 So Far

IPv4 addresses are running out for some time. In its place must enter the IPv6, which ensures connection of a larger number of gadgets to internets. Despite the exhaustion is imminent, not all sites and Internet providers are ready for change. In fact, according to Google, only 0.2% of all Internet users in the world have compatible connections to the new standard. Although this number is small, Google and five other web giants plan to do a test drive of the new protocol. Continue reading

Orkut Win “Like?” Button. Facebook Likely Not Likes.

In terms of innovation on the web, competitors copy constantly. See for example the navigation feature tabbed present in almost all current browsers. Originally it appeared in a browser called NetCaptor, but there are also those who say that this feature first appeared in Opera or Firefox. Social networks also follow the trend of copying features from each other, all with the end goal of getting more users and keep current members interested. Continue reading

Tech Giants Meet with Obama

Attention to the NSA and new health site gets now Obama to meet with tech-companies ‘ top officials.

For a week or so ago were American NSA once again in the spotlight, as tech giants had had enough, and sent out a letter that was supposed to catch the Government’s attention.

In addition, Obama’s talked-about sundhedspoltik, and associated website our site, now reportedly created the meeting between the President and executives from leading technology companies.

Several items on the agenda
The meeting which kicks off today, comes a day after a judge has agreed that the so-called “NSA phone data collection program” violates the U.S. Constitution. Continue reading

Now Comes That Forced Video Advertising on Facebook

The Regent over the social media now seems to be close to the roll-out of video advertising that you can’t opt out.

Those of you who are familiar with Facebook, and may have seen the movie “The Social Network” can probably also remember Mark Zuckerbergs then position on advertising the use of the service.

Much has happened since, and users will now need to scroll up and down in one sponsored lookup after another. Continue reading

LG Optimus G Updated with 4.4 Today

While many are waiting for Android KitKat for G2, jumping little brother Optimus G queue and get Android 4.4.

How to update Android KitKat to LG’s top model G2 first is expected again at the beginning of 2014, it seems to last years top model, comes the anticipated. In Estonia will be Google latest version of the operating system now rolled out today.

The body of the news has been confirmed by LG’s own facebook page in Estonia, which update at the time of writing rolled out to customers of Elisa (Estonia’s second-largest telecommunications company)-and only to them.

Where and when the global, and especially Danish, rollout of KitKat will happen, joins LG Estonia do not know anything about. But it is good to be able to announce that Android 4.4 lives with LG and hopefully soon will be available.

Facebook Increases Limit of Updates to 63,206 Characters

In the early times, when the Facebook was powered by coal, the character limit on updates was 420. After he arrived in a thousand characters and for some time that the limit has reached absurd 5000 characters, and anything above that automatically turned “a note” when it was published. Today garrulous users of social network will have reason to celebrate: the limit surpassed the mark of 60,000 characters. Continue reading

Facebook Bug Accidentally Blocked Accounts; Message Required RG Copy Shipping

Last night, several users Facebook reported having their accounts blocked for no apparent reason. After logging in, the social network required the submission of an identification document with a photo, such as ID, driver’s license or passport to free access. But calm down: you did nothing wrong and Facebook decided not to play ban accounts; it was all a mistake.

Continue reading