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5 Ways to Use Your Basic Sweater Fashion

  1. Hello fashionásticas! The subject today is with you.
  2. Winter in full swing (or drizzle, hahaha) and we always get that famous dilemma of every year, “I have no warm clothes” or “I have some jackets here but are so dull” or that “Oh, also have coats here but I don’t know how to use”.
  3. If you are one of those that has this jacket or even an old sweater and smell like guardado, can now get the guardarroupa and get him to get a Tan in the morning because I’m sure that after this post of inpiração with sweater , you’ll want to test all these looks.

Let the ideas! Continue reading

Long Winter Dresses

Winter Long Dresses Photos and Models

For this season Winter Long Dresses are warmly welcomed because they help to further protect women from the cold.But only the dress is not enough, so we have so many other pieces to wear along with this.Like jackets, blazers, and even a cardigan, it will all depend on the part and the combination that you intend to make, but there are not missing models, each one more beautiful and more interesting than the other.So you can create beautiful and elegant looks.Because we can not deny that these pieces are very elegant indeed. Continue reading

Short Prom Dresses

Short Dress Photos and Templates

One of the pieces that are most sought after today are Short Dresses for Parties, because they are great pieces for us to wear at this time.Not that the other models have been forgotten or that they have gone out of fashion, but rather because the short ones are highlighting more even, and so they end up appearing in greater quantity to suit the taste of everyone looking for more modern pieces.You will check here the news of the moment, be sure to stay inside these launches because we are sure you will love. Continue reading

Women’s Trekking Boots – How to Use, Buy, Models

How to Use, Where to Buy and Models of Women’s Trekking Boots

The women’s trekking boots are perfect with leggings, dresses , jeggings, tight pants (not to be left over) and skirts . Women ‘s over-knee trekking boots are ideal for the tall ones, the low ones should avoid as they shorten the silhouette. If you live in a state where winter does not reach temperatures sufficiently low, do not fall into the temptation to get out of over-knees boots only, the look must first be comfortable and consistent. See how to use   women’s hiking boots. Continue reading