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Nine Things That Us Gives Shame Buy Have The Age That Have

Maybe that long time has passed since that embarrassing first that you came into a pharmacy to buy an intimate product and now you are already cured / of fear. You are the King or Queen of the personal shopping, you’ve crossed you over one sexshop looking for a toy to give and go in the underground reading the latest erotic book of fashion without problems. But still There are certain things in your shopping list that make you sweat drop fat When you go to the store and would give anything to not have to buy them in person. Continue reading

Azelaic Acid – for What It Is, Pill, Cream

Tablet, Cream and for Serving Azelaic Acid.

Azelaic acid is a saturated, unbranched dicarboxylic acid: 1,7-heptandicarboxylic acid (nonanedioic acid). The antibacterial effect is demonstrated by the decrease of the bacterial colonization in the cutaneous surface and inside the follicle, as well as by a reduction of the percentage of free fatty acids in the lipids of the cutaneous surface. It exerts a direct comedolitic effect on the efflorescence that influences the differentiation of keratinocytes and, possibly, their proliferation, which allows a normalization of disturbed follicular keratinization. Continue reading