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A Design of Ferrari to a Clock of Hublot

To celebrate the 70 years of Ferrari, the Italian brand and your partner Hublot launch a new original collection. Created with the same approach used to draw a car in the Ferrari Design Centre and integrating the expertise of Hublot watch, Ferrari 70 years Techframe Tourbillon Chronograph inaugurates a new page in the history of partnership that joins Hublot and Ferrari. The Techframe Ferrari 70 Years is available in three versions — gold King Gold, carbon and Titanium PEEK — each with production limited to 70 pieces. It is intended to be a collector’s item. Continue reading

Panerai Luminor Watches Launches New Due 40% Thinner

The LUMINOR collection DUE represents a new chapter in the history of Panerai. Is the result of a challenge overcome successfully by designers and manufacturing engineers: offer a new interpretation to the iconic brand model (identified by the Crown protection) with reduced thickness in box up to 40% which gives a new look for fans of Panerai. Another highlight are the dials in black color with satin effect in satinésoleil that harmonizes perfectly with the more delicate design of the pieces. Continue reading

This Week’s Klockklassiker-Seiko Diver

This series has largely been about the exclusive, exotic and often slightly more expensive. But what that might involve the most and most among Bell nerds are often the simple, affordable and, not least, lättmekad. Perhaps the clearest example is Beth diving models, which gathers many loyal enthusiasts and a small industry built around himself for modifications. Continue reading

Intelligent Watch for Visually Impaired Will Have Braille Display

The smart Dot clock will be the world’s first with Braille reading for visually impaired users. The gadget, released on Monday (3), Seve like smart watch, fitness bracelet and even as reader of e-books. Developed by researchers from a startup from South Korea, Dot has as one of the aims to search for social inclusion with a specific device. Continue reading

Best German Made Cuckoo Clocks

Choosing the cuckoo (sometimes called cuckoo clock or cuckoo clock) can be difficult so the choice is varied! 1 day, 1 day to music, 8 days, 8 days in music , or quartz, there are many possibilities. The cuckoos Passion-Cadeau.com are all handcrafted in Germany in Black Forest (cradle of traditional German watchmaking). So we’ll help you determine how cuckoo be perfect for you!

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