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Tips Saturday: the Week’s Best Tips

We collect the week’s top tips-how to get the best out of your smartphone!

They can be a lot of the ladies and smartphones. But we only use a fraction of the features, applications and features as they can offer. Every Saturday opstøver mobile page, therefore the best fereshte from the week that went-then you get the chic back in the smartphone.
Share smart shopping lists for Christmas shopping from your iPhone.

When shopping-race in earnest begins to Christmas Eve, where the delegation can be done directly on the cell phone with the eTilbudsavis app.

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Mobildeal: Price Basque from Oppo

We bumped once in between in deals that are so good that we just have to share them. Here is a super slim Christmas deals from Oppo.

Oppo is not especially well known outside the mobile enthusiast circles, but they manage to mark positively with exciting concepts such as tilting cameras and about to engage deeply in enthusiast-project CyanogenMod.

In the run-up to Christmas, they have great deals, we believe stands out: Oppo R819 for 199 euros (1500.0-us). Including freight, as well as extra cover and screen protection.

Can we come to terms with the prototyp-like name, you get the following for its 1500 crowns:

-4.7 inch HD display with IPS technology
-8 MP camera with f/2.0 lens and BSI-sensor, 1080p30 video
-1.2 Ghz Mediatek MT6589 quad-core
-Dual Sim
-16 GB storage space
-Android 4.2.1 with optional Oppo or Android skin
-Superlight (110 gr) and åleslank (4.5 mm) design
-2000 mAh battery

The offer can be ordered from the Oppos European webstore through the 18. December.

Apple Distributes Lorde-Gift

The app “12 Days of gifts” for iOS devices just a little something for fans of the band Lorde, if you are fast.

As described for exactly a week ago, then again Christmas gifts for iOS users from Apple, which via the app “12 Days of gifts” can look forward to (d). 26.December, where first gift is ready for download.

Yesterday, Apple has so secretly put a small foretaste out that enough can delight fans of the band Lorde, who among other things is famous for the track “Royals”.

The gift consists of the band’s “No Better” number from iTunes, and music video from the popular “Royals” song.

As it was yesterday, where the gift was laid out, there is no guarantee how long it remains available.

You will also be alerted to upcoming Christmas gifts from Apple, if you have allowed the app to send you push notifications.


New Swiftkey Beta for Android

Can now be sent bouquets, cakes and crazy smileys through the popular Android keyboard.

When it comes to Android-the universe, is almost endless customization opportunities.

This means, for example, that if you are not satisfied with your keyboard, you can just install an alternative.

Among these are the popular Swiftkey, who also supports the chic swype technology.

The company behind the success has now released beta with new features. It appears on your website. Continue reading

Tip: Become the Family’s “Sherlock Holmes” When the Cases Are Missing

When aunt have had break-ins, and the newly purchased smartphone is gone, is there help to download.

Hjerternes fest, but the Christmas season is unfortunately also the time for burglary in the many homes left empty when the families gather.

Therefore, our site will give a complete guide to how to again find the cases, so gadget purchases can rediscover its rightful owner. Continue reading

Christmas Mobile Traditions

December is the month in which your phone in earnest will be put into use. It has gained Telia and the market research firm YouGov to take a closer look at what it really is we use our phone to.

Not surprisingly, it is one of the more controversial issues, such as the investigation takes the hole at first. The Danish Christmas lunch, which in some cases is a tour de force in drinking, adultery and scandals, is one of the things we don’t want shared on the cell phone.

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly-5 Things Your Mobile Can Get for Christmas

It is not even the master of what parents or well-meaning boyfriends are putting under the tree. List here can perhaps help you inform the family about what hitter and what smoking directly above in the waste pile.

There will be plenty of mobiles under the Christmas tree this year. With such a new toy follows, of course, also the possibility of undreamed-of quantities of accessories. The mobile site has looked at five options and split them up into three categories:

A good-quality at an affordable price.
An evil-which is fantastic animals, but also really delicious.
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How to Get Better Pictures with Your Phone

Here is a quick guide to Christmas, how you can take some better pictures with your cell phone.

With Christmas and new year’s Eve approaching Federal fast approaching, it has also been the season to fill the memory card on your phone with images in so crude volumes that a smaller Finnish forest should let life. But even though not all just photogenic family members or friends, so we give you here a quick guide to how you can make your to, to get the images to take better out. Continue reading

Instagram Invites to a Mysterious Event

Instagram invites press to a mysterious event that maybe pointing towards the physical print, chat function or Snap chat response.

Instagram invites you to a press event, but exactly what the event is all about is not known. The invitation has been sent to selected media on physical pressure, on paper, other media have gotten the invitation printed on wood.

On various websites to upload its Instagram pics and get printed on paper, glass, wood and other materials. When the invitation is sent, we can therefore speculate about the physical event will display an update of Instagram app that makes it possible to buy prints of his pictures. Continue reading

Tip: Here Are 3 Christmas Play for iPad That Entertains the Kids

Need fast Christmas-entertainment for the kids? Here are few games-tips for your iPad which can kill time.

The Christmas holidays are approaching fast approaching and the kids are waiting impatiently for the big night.

In this context, the our site made a few app-tips for iPad, which can kill time. Quite free.

Toca Hair Salon-Christmas Gifts

Game: here guarantees entertainment value for the whole family, who together can cut, color and style Christmas tree and Santa’s beard and hair. Continue reading