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New Boss in the Ring

The name immediately reveals the biggest change: the new N95 is delivered with less than 8 gigabyte memory. There are also other improvements. The reward: The N95 8 GB taking clear leadership in our cell phone ranking.

Noble, the new N95 looks 8 GB in its black case with chrome applications. At first glance, but also something massiger than the ur N95. But the direct comparison shows: the appearance is deceptive. The area is quite similar to the predecessor. Only a lot more is in there this time.

In the N95 jazzed up, Nokia grabs whopping 8 GB memory, a larger display and a more powerful battery. These upgrades without effect remain in the test. The N95 takes over 8 GB pole position in our leaderboard and manages with the smart phones at least in the top 5. Continue reading

How to Open a Business to Personalize Cell Phone Cover

In this article I will try to be efficient and objective to show you in a straightforward and straightforward way, what you will need to open a business to customize cell phone cover via Sublimation.

So basically you will need to understand two things ; The ways to customize hoodies and the available models of hoods for sublimation. Continue reading