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Mother’s Day Jewelry

The most incredible gifts are those that bear a meaning in themselves, which last a lifetime, and of course, the gifts given with love.For this reason, I believe that any woman, even those who are not so vain, get emotional when they are gifted with a jewel on Mother’s Day.The big question: what jewelry matches your mother?

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How to Wear the Red Dress?

The red dress is simply a classic of feminine dressing. In my view, it is to raise the same level as the black dress. Its impact is so strong that sometimes it’s hard to dare to wear it, especially because we do not know which accessories to pay or what shoes to him the associate. I reveal in this article all my tips to properly wear the red dress.

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How to Dress for the Holidays?

In celebration of the holiday season, a tradition that we all put on our 31 stuck for ideas to find the right outfit for this holiday season? You get some fashion tips for choosing the clothes that will accompany you to the end of the night.

A Holding Bling Parties … But Not Too Much!

So you can safely venture a brilliant festivals held at will, to bring the little festive side.However, be careful not to overdo it! Choose one piece sequined such a high neckline to emphasize your curves, and bet on sobriety for the rest of your outfit. So you can combine a nice glittery top with black trousers simple, or even jeans and a plain jacket and close-fitting. Remember, of course, the pair of heeled shoes to enhance your look!

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Ethnic Chic Bracelet 2016

Ethnic bracelets are perfect for enhancing a skin kissed by the sun’s rays or to embellish an outfit sober. Choose the ones that best match with your sensitivity, discover more about on our site!

Ethnic bracelets: vibrant shades to wear

With its rainbow of colors and its irresistible blend of aesthetic languages, style exotic feel exerts an unstoppable power that constantly contaminates the most diverse areas, from the fashion sector to the interior design. And as happens for fashion or furniture, the range of colors and sumptuous texture of designs that inspire the architecture of the wet places from the crystalline sea, are reflected on the original beauty of ethnic bracelets, which carefully chosen and in harmony with the outfit enrich the set with exotic accents kingship. Original in their gold inlays and silver, and diamonds in shades reminiscent of the vibrant shades of tropical fauna, ethnic bracelets are the perfect accessory for those who love every day reunion for the excitement of a trip that smells of salt and coconut oil.

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