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Classic Coats: Check Out Looks

Winter has arrived and it’s time to ride looks out of House beautiful and protected. For that, a good tip is to bet on the classic coats! Some jackets never go out of fashion, are easy to find and cheap. Although trends are easy to use, the classic style is timeless and definitely hard to miss, especially in winter when the use of colors and models is limited. Check out this article looks with classical models of jackets and how to use them in everyday life, Visual simple and beautiful riding for both day and night. Continue reading

How to Pair Ripped Jeans

How to pair ripped jeans to get a refined and unique outfit? There are some tips to follow to develop the easy chic look wearing the denim trousers characterised by openings from worn out effect. Many believe that with these garments can make only casual combinations, suitable for leisure, but with tops, jackets and the right shoes can create cutting edge proposals that take your breath away all the skeptics. Discover our tips to match the ripped jeans with style! Continue reading

Michelle Obama Style Icon

It ‘been a week from the re-election of Barack Obama as president of the United States of America. His wife Michelle is dedicated to style icon, but it is also entered in the hearts of Americans with his spontaneity, dua determination and his infectious smile. We find out a little more about her.
Obama’s victory in the presidential 2012: the chorus is trivial and obvious, and there are many commentators who could not resist: “behind every great man is a great woman” .

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13 Most Common Fashion Mistakes

ll you always say “you did oldest!”: Run for cover immediately and show your true age! Because none of us wants to feel old before their time…

Tired of hearing you say that you look older than your age?

Find out right away because everyone thinks that about you.

Probably you are making mistakes in the look and make-up, which does not do justice to your beauty, but rather accentuate your flaws.

It’s time to update your image and prove to everyone that you are beautiful despite the passing years!

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How to Appear Taller Without Heels

Would you like to earn a few centimeters in height but do not want to wear heels? We have the solution: in this article we list 11 tricks to appear taller.

Women whose legs are slender as those of a dachshund and whose height allows you to shop in department children, the appeal! You, that on certain days you want to soar in the crowd instead of lose yourself in it, you, you would want as much reach the meter and sixty, you who feel the need to look into the eyes who look upon you without having a stiff neck, you have found article that answers your needs.

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