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15 Typical Dutch Things in the Streets of Amsterdam

I was going to class (cycling, naturally) when I stopped at a lighthouse. I was eager to pierce the lighthouse, a woman on the bicycle, talking to her cellphone. Of the thousands of different things that the Dutch do while pedaling, talking on the cellphone is certainly one of the most popular–perhaps because talking to the cell is one of the most popular activities here, point. Continue reading

Helmet of Newspaper Facilitates Life of Cyclists and Preserves Environment

At first glance this helmet does not show great attractiveness, at least aesthetic, for the consumer.  But we must also remember that safety equipment is not considered a reference in the fashion world, and that helmet is no exception. However, with it you can contribute with a noble cause: the reduction of the impacts of consumption on the environment. This is because the product is manufactured from recycled newspapers, a nice way to reuse the paper giving continuity to the life cycle of the material. Continue reading

The Perfect Road Bicycle

Exercise is healthy. Many people practicing sports, including cycling. Cycling makes a person fit and healthy body and soul. The Round Cycling in the beautiful countryside, the beautiful open spaces, ponds in the rugged mountains with a magnificent skyline… To make a nice trip, it is important to have good material. In this article you will find a list and useful information about various brands of racing.

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H & M Revolutionizes the Runways with Their Collection Autumn/Winter

Two days ago it started the last Fashion week in the city of Paris. And as main course at the premiere guests coolest attended the parade organised by the firm low-cost H & M… Strong dish? Strong! And is that you seeing the images of the location, guest and other people, many firms of high level they are nothing (in regards to the organized spectacle). Increasingly commercial firms aimed at this type of event, and I just can say, welcome! Cool view on a catwalk clothing you know that if you like You can buy. Continue reading