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Leather Belt For Men

As a man it is not easy, because many accessories, with which one can give its appearance the certain something is not. It is so difficult to set accents, especially in professional life, so you should pay particular attention to the accessories, which allow you to live your own style. Of course, without exaggerating, these accessories include for example the wristwatch, cufflinks, a handkerchief and the belt. On the latter, this article focuses on some details regarding the leather belt for men. Continue reading

How to Dress in Purple?

Purple is the color trend of winter wear but how well and with what?Sweater, dress, bag, coat, was selected you clothes and accessories to wear purple all season. But above all, it gives you all the fashion tips to wear each garment as opportunities, your style, in short everything you need to have a look at the top.

The Jacket

Current, trendy and sporty at the same time, this jacket will keep you warm all winter. Its removable hood is very convenient and the two fleece-lined pockets to keep warm your things and why not your hands.

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How to Appear Taller Without Heels

Would you like to earn a few centimeters in height but do not want to wear heels? We have the solution: in this article we list 11 tricks to appear taller.

Women whose legs are slender as those of a dachshund and whose height allows you to shop in department children, the appeal! You, that on certain days you want to soar in the crowd instead of lose yourself in it, you, you would want as much reach the meter and sixty, you who feel the need to look into the eyes who look upon you without having a stiff neck, you have found article that answers your needs.

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How to Be Stylish in Autumn

There is nothing more instructive than to squint on looks, often very original, the it-girls came hurrying to Fashion Week fashion shows. Luckily, it is precisely right into it!

The great marathon of Fashion Week was launched on 10 September in New York before invading successively London, Milan and Paris until 7 October. A kick which allows us today to capture future trends for autumn-winter 2016-2017. If the catwalks are true sources of inspiration, it is also confidence fashionistas from real life to give us ideas. Fortunately, the “hunters style” (style of hunters) have worked well this year and already give us what identify it-looks of the season!

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