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Le Postiche: Buy Online, Handbags, Purses and Price Models

Le Postiche: Buy Online, Handbags, Purses, And Price Models

The Le Postiche is a great store selling purses and bags, with more than 30 years in the market.Founded in 1978, began your story in the market of handbags and bags in a small shop in Moema, which grew and acquired a captive clientele, your range of products, quality and competitive prices. Continue reading

7 X Laptop Bags

A few weeks ago we wrote about a free väskalternativ for the modern man in the form of a Tote Bag. Väskmodellen was received with mixed enthusiasm and today we look at an option that might fall your readers better in taste. It is the so called Computer bag; a model reminiscent of the portfolio but have no lid and buckles and often are specifically made to carry the increasingly mandatory laptop. Continue reading

How to Keep Your Purse Organized

Our stock market is like the extension of our home isn’t it? Many times we’re putting a lot of things we didn’t either, but then she gets heavy and becomes increasingly difficult to find what you’re really looking for in it, right?

To help you keep organized bag have some super easy tips to put into practice, if you have the time to do right now, and repeat as needed.

Remember to keep the organization is easier than having to organize everything again the next time.

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Buy Your Travel Suitcase

My contribution to the 1×1 of the luggage pack is more concerned with the things, which are definitely in the case during the vacation.Whether this is organically necessary things, practical everyday helpers or simply stylish clothes, all this is taken up in the previously linked post. But one thing I have not looked at in this, the choice of the right suitcase and that’s what it is today: What do I have to buy at the travel bag? Continue reading

Types of Women’s Bags

Meet 11 different models of women’s handbags

Have you stopped to realize how there are so many different names of models of women’s handbags?Especially when shopping on the internet, you can notice the myriad of nomenclatures that the dear female companions can receive.

In order to prevent you from being confused or in doubt about the existing models, we explain in this matter the difference between the main types of feminine bags. Continue reading