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Pebble Watch Customizable Faces

The next generation of Pebble will be more elegant and personalized by you than their predecessors

Pebble being left behind now that large companies are beginning to bet on the smartwatch market, so the company seems to already preparing to present the next generation of its smart watch. Although we have not yet any details about how it might look next Pebble, the evangelist authentic brand Jire Myriam has shared some details about what developments can we expect from this particular smartwatch

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Smartwatch Instead of Smartphone

This fun idea teaches us what we could do with a smartwatch if your mobile phone is broken

Today we bring you a funny story to liven up this Saturday afternoon. Is neither more nor less than a cartoon that shows the use that could give current smartwatch if our phone stopped working. Of course, do not even think to try in your houses.

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The Mobile Site Will Announce This Year’s Coolest Feature:

2013 has featured some brilliant new features-but who really had the smartest?

At the end of the year and 2013 has bid on brilliant new features in our mobile companions. We have gathered together the most exciting and innovative actions and will, kåre year’s best:

And the nominees are:

Apple iPhone 5S-Touch ID. Fingerprint readers are not new-but Apple’s integration is almost perfectly done.

Apple iPhone 5S-True tone flash. With a colored flash can now better adapt the Flash to Apple in dim light.  Continue reading

Tech Giants Meet with Obama

Attention to the NSA and new health site gets now Obama to meet with tech-companies ‘ top officials.

For a week or so ago were American NSA once again in the spotlight, as tech giants had had enough, and sent out a letter that was supposed to catch the Government’s attention.

In addition, Obama’s talked-about sundhedspoltik, and associated website our site, now reportedly created the meeting between the President and executives from leading technology companies.

Several items on the agenda
The meeting which kicks off today, comes a day after a judge has agreed that the so-called “NSA phone data collection program” violates the U.S. Constitution. Continue reading

LG Nexus 5 Review: the Friendliest Android [Mobile Test]

Recently a member of the Nexus family is genuine quality behind a quiet but style probably external.

Nexus for dummies

Every time we reviewed a Nexus, it is worth making a crash-course in the Nexus storyline. Google has originally meant the Nexus as a smartphone targeted at software developers. Armed with the they could try, try out their newest software on the latest version of the operating system Android.

Google has with the last Nexus 4 extended the concept to be a wedge to pick up the U.S. market. Telecommunications giants reigns over there with dogs animal subscriptions to 2 years, but misleading cheap mobile phones. Nexus 4 should be inexpensive to acquire, but also inexpensive to subscribe to. And since Google also serves on their services, advertisements and products in Play Big Google could sell Nexus 4 to a relatively record low price. Continue reading

Apple Distributes Lorde-Gift

The app “12 Days of gifts” for iOS devices just a little something for fans of the band Lorde, if you are fast.

As described for exactly a week ago, then again Christmas gifts for iOS users from Apple, which via the app “12 Days of gifts” can look forward to (d). 26.December, where first gift is ready for download.

Yesterday, Apple has so secretly put a small foretaste out that enough can delight fans of the band Lorde, who among other things is famous for the track “Royals”.

The gift consists of the band’s “No Better” number from iTunes, and music video from the popular “Royals” song.

As it was yesterday, where the gift was laid out, there is no guarantee how long it remains available.

You will also be alerted to upcoming Christmas gifts from Apple, if you have allowed the app to send you push notifications.


Tip: Become the Family’s “Sherlock Holmes” When the Cases Are Missing

When aunt have had break-ins, and the newly purchased smartphone is gone, is there help to download.

Hjerternes fest, but the Christmas season is unfortunately also the time for burglary in the many homes left empty when the families gather.

Therefore, our site will give a complete guide to how to again find the cases, so gadget purchases can rediscover its rightful owner. Continue reading