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Gigaset Elements Siren Alarm Siren

Over a year ago I have the Gigaset elements Starter Kit tried with some additional sensors and reported. Especially the additional module Gigaset elements camera had me done. Since the set is always in use. Firmware and app updates are always eagerly awaited and out is eager for changes and improvements mainly kept.

Currently, I’m sitting on the Gigaset elements siren sensor , an additional sensor which plugs into an electrical outlet, raise the alarm, if such, for example, from the motion sensor Gigaset elements motion is triggered. A siren 90 seconds is a “deterrent alarm signal” by itself is promised.

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Unuiga S905, the Desktop with Android 64 Bit Cheaper in the World

Great for home entertainment and gaming thanks to 64-bit processor Amlogic S905 quad-core Cortex-A53 with 5-core GPU Mali-450, this mini-pc with Android is sold at a staggering$ 30 in the version with 16 GB of storage and 1 GB of RAM or 45 $ for the 32 GB version and well 2 GB of RAM.


Pretty comprehensive, especially in relation to body dimensions, is the part 2 port USB 2.0connectivity composed, micro SD slot, 2.0 HDMI output, LAN, A/V out and optical output with S/PDIF standard; the capacitive button at the top lets you put the device into standby by pressing short and turn it off with a pressure of 5 seconds. Continue reading

Become Smarter on the Universe with New iPad App

Known physicist is behind the new app for iPad that can bring clarity about the world we live in and the outside.

Most of us are probably familiar with the Toy Story figure Buzz light years comment “To infinity, and beyond”.

However, there are not so many of us who actually have distinct notion about how the universe works.

It must be a new app for the iPad make up on. The app “Snapshots of the Universe” is a collaboration between the physicist Stephen Hawking and Random House. It writes our site.

Stephen Hawking has plenty of experience with publications of knowledge in the area, but this is the first trials with software.
The app combines text, images, video and even small games, such as in a fun way to simplify learning.

Are you interested in app “Snapshots of the Universe” can be bought for $ 32 in the App Store here.


Apple Distributes Lorde-Gift

The app “12 Days of gifts” for iOS devices just a little something for fans of the band Lorde, if you are fast.

As described for exactly a week ago, then again Christmas gifts for iOS users from Apple, which via the app “12 Days of gifts” can look forward to (d). 26.December, where first gift is ready for download.

Yesterday, Apple has so secretly put a small foretaste out that enough can delight fans of the band Lorde, who among other things is famous for the track “Royals”.

The gift consists of the band’s “No Better” number from iTunes, and music video from the popular “Royals” song.

As it was yesterday, where the gift was laid out, there is no guarantee how long it remains available.

You will also be alerted to upcoming Christmas gifts from Apple, if you have allowed the app to send you push notifications.


Sony Deploys 4.3 Jelly Bean for Xperia Xperia Z1 and Z Ultra

The great and the even greater from Sony is now updated with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, and gets new features.

Updates to Android phones is usually done on an ongoing basis throughout the year, since the individual producers just to optimize Google’s operating system for the end user. Now the time has come for Sony Xperia Xperia Z1 and Z Ultra, which is now updated to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. It writes the Sony on their blog.

The update, which provides better performance on an ongoing basis for deploying the system, benefit from the so-called “Butter performance” experience. Continue reading

TIP: Ta’ Language Courses in Coffee Break

When the tour goes south it’s nice with verbal skills. Duolingo makes sure that you can learn languages when it suits you.

You probably have before been going South in 30 degree heat, fægtende with both arms and legs, and asked for directions to the Mall. In this situation, would the rest of the family probably want that evening course “Italian for beginners” has not had to be cancelled due to a busy schedule.

Our site will therefore show a free app that in an easy and fun way teaches you language and which can be used when you have time. The app Duolingo is available for both Android and iOS. Continue reading

Dual USB Flash Adapter from Sony-Made for Android

Sony has showcased a small, smart adapter for mobiles with micro-USB that undoubtedly fits in any key ring.

When we need to put photos or files on your computer, we often have a hold of the cable which came with the smart phone in the box.

Now comes the Sony with a 2-in-1 solution that fits both micro-USB, and the common USB you have in your computer (both PC and Mac). It writes our stie.

The product goes hand in hand with Europaparlementets decision to all producers are encouraged to use Micro-USB to eliminate “clutter” by smartphones and tablets.  Continue reading

Find Your Lost Android with New App

Now Google’s customers also find their lost or stalne from another mobile phone using.

Today’s smartphones are filled to the brim with private information, and the idea that it could end up in the hands of the wrong, get the sweat produced at the most.

Technology-giant has since August offered “Android Device administrator” as from the computer can find and delete content from your lost Android cell.

Now, Google has launched an app dedicated to the purpose, which also has the name “Android Device administrator”. It writes Google itself.

It can also be downloaded from the Google Play Big here

The app has exactly the same functionality as Google already offers to the computer, but it might be a little reassuring that you do not need to be home to the desktop, to find your lost mobile.

Always remember to set the code on your devices so that unauthorized persons do not have direct access to your privacy. This is done under options, Lock Screen, screen lock.