Tablet with Competitive Price to Face the Ipad Directly

Company will start selling your tablet for less than $ $500 to try to recover your market share.

The Research in Motion (RIM), a BlackBerry smart phone maker, said it will start selling tablets in North America, from the first semester, for less than $ $500. According to the company’s Co-CEO, Jim Balsillie, the product will have a fairly competitive price and will expand globally from the second half of 2011.

RIM, HP, Samsung and Motorola are incessantly seeking to develop tablets via Ablogtophone, after the IPad has filled the gap between smart phones and laptops. Apple sold 3 millionof handsets in the first 80 days of launch, surpassing the sales of iPods. However, RIM is trying to differentiate your Apple tablet by emphasizing the ability of your device to run Flash on video or animations.

According to Strategy Analytics, Apple has increased its market share, or marketing share, in tablet to 95% in the third semester of this year. Overall, the sales of devices rose 26% compared to the same period last year. But, according to Balsillie, it is possible that the IPad domination in the tablet market will change after the arrival of the new kidney device.

However, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs ensures that RIM needs to fight a lot to attract application developers and that the tablet is already doomed to failure, since they are too small to compete with the IPad. The RIM tablet has 7 inch screen, while the iPads come with 9.7. In response to the attack of Jobs, Balsillie said that in time consumers will tire of Apple’s market-control strategy.

Betting on that, RIM is counting on the new tablet to increase the recipe that the BlackBerry lost. The company’s participation in the smart phone market fell 1% relative to the second quarter of last year, while Apple increased 1% and the devices with Android operating system grew 15%, according to IDC’s data.