Sync Google Docs Files with Mobile Devices? Coming Soon

The Google Docs is a real hand on the wheel for those who do not want or like to play the use of a suite of more complete productivity applications, such as the Office. There are some restrictions in the service of course, but nothing that is a great impediditivo. Anyway, Google is already planning to release the integration of its document service with third-party applications, further ensuring functionality.

The discovery was made ​​by the blog Google Operating System , after doing a scan on Google Docs source code. There is written in so many words: “Coming soon: Third party applications, cloud printers, and sync devices.” This means that new features are on the way, although we do not know exactly when they will be implemented.

Third-party applications depend Google Docs APIs that Google has plans to release. With these in hand, developers would be able to develop special applications that directly manipulate documents created and saved with the Docs.

Printing in the cloud is something already promised for the Chrome OS, but should gain time on Google Doc. With this standard installed and available in new printers, users could edit a document in notebook on an airport (for example), entitled printing the text, presentation or spreadsheet in the office printer, if it is connected to the Google cloud.

Finally, Google Docs synchronization with devices allow quick access to files on smartphones and tablets. Something like what already happens with calendars and messages from those who have Google account, is expected.