Surinamese Born Dutch Footballer

Francois Thyme was a very intelligent person who can know exactly when something was a real possibility and what limitations were. He suffered a whole can not be overconfident, but underestimated or herself. These properties often have to let him make the right choices that have brought him success.

Blufpand Skola & Van Sypesteyn School

Thyme was born on Saturday, December 24, 1943 in Wagenwegstraat in Paramaribo, capital of Suriname. He visited Blufpand School and then the famous Van Sypesteyn School where he made friends as John and Stanley Klaverweide, family Lacy and Mr Purple Heart. Thyme was really introduced football in the fourth grade in physical education classes. From the sixth grade thyme participated in the school football.

For Brazil

It had always been his dream to come out for top club Suriname Transvaal. But he quickly came to the conclusion that it was not given to him to develop into a top scorer or skillful dribbler. He therefore decided to focus entirely on the keeper. From his 12th to his 14th he defended the goal with football Colombia Combe neighborhood in Paramaribo. After his transfer to dream club Transvaal Thyme developed rapidly.
Thyme was only 17 years old when the Brazilian club was REMO Suriname to complete a number of friendly matches. Brasilian saw the young Thyme at work and was almost immediately impressed by his talent. REMO negotiated with forward transfer of thyme. Forward eventually agreed to a move to Brazilian club and so resigned Thyme to Belem. He came on October 17, 1961 in Brazil and already on October 19, he was in goal during the important match against Paisandu where Remo champion.

Hard Fought

Thyme was not less than 15 years old the first goalkeeper of the Brazilian club. This established his name, but it was not always plain sailing. Thyme is a stranger in football mad Brazil always have to prove twice to get his place in the team and keep. He drew much strength from the fact that as a Surinamese Suriname honor in Brazil wanted to maintain. Goats Thyme had an iron will and an overdose of confidence as he connected to his goalkeeping talent.It was not just football. Meanwhile worked Thyme including a broker, he studied at the university and he took a coaching accreditation.

career Coach

Francois Thyme coaching career began in 1972. At his old club REMO he attended the very famous coach Mireillis, who later became a very important football agent would be. He stayed with REMO until 1992 and then moved to the Netherlands. What he saw in the Netherlands spoke to him enough and he returned after rush back to Brazil.