Super Squirrel 2/3 People

All the tents of the line Super Squirrel have sealed seams, reinforced sealing, door with mosquito net, Windows protected by mosquito net fabric, side stabilizers, fiber rods fastened by elastic, good ventilation to minimize condensation, three positions (closed, semi-closed and open), and the sobreteto Treaty for greater resistance to the Sun’s rays. Comes with bag with strap. Weight: 3.8 kg. 
1. Breakthrough with three positions: closed, semi-closed and open.
2. Sealed seams – the micro holes the sewing machine makes are covered by a protective termoaderente tape that does not allow water to enter. Factory sealed seam is always more efficient to seal home, with special products-these should be used only when not come factory sealed, which does not happen with our tents.
3. lateral Stabilizers-the more you stretch the sobreteto and won’t let him play on the ceiling, the more you will have a booth as well assembled and structured, with better ventilation, less condensation and the certainty that a rain will not dampen the inside of the tent.
4. Sobreteto with the correct distance from the ground to promote ventilation.
5. Hooks to hold the frame, facilitating and speeding up the Assembly, as well as increase the ventilation.
6. fiber Rods connected by elastic, facilitating in the Assembly and in storage.
7. lateral Ventilation – our body ‘ breathe ‘ the whole time, releasing heat and humidity. This also happens during the night, even when we sleep in a cold place. The temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the tent makes our ‘ hot ‘ condense, wetting the inside of the tent with small drops. To minimize this, you must have good ventilation, causing the air to circulate inside the tent equipment so much as between the ceiling and the sobreteto.
8. Door with mosquito net, allowing better ventilation at night and to hold the entry of animals and insects.
9. Self-supporting, allowing you to move the tent before choosing the final place.
Technical characteristics
-Sealed seams
-Resistance of 2000 mm of Water Column
-Hollow fiber frames with PVC protection
– Treatment against UV rays – 50 + UV
Capacity: 2 People
Colors: Only in blue (2 shades)
Length: 2.05 m
Width: 1.50 m
Height: 1.20 m
Weight: 3.8