Summer Swimsuits Models

Swimsuits-2013 Summer Trends

Every summer the beach fashion evolves some more, leaving ever more sophisticated parts, elaborate and enchanting. For summer 2013, according to the trends thrown in fashion shows, we can see that a piece is going to be very successful this season, she’s the swimsuit. And don’t think he came to hide the body, he came to appreciate and give more charm.

Many vivid colors, this is essential for summer 2013. Yellow, pink, turquoise, Orange, green and also many prints, the most different and unusual, since the tropical themes to the geometric shapes. The swimsuit comes with everything.

The formats are quite elaborate, some follow the line more elegant and sophisticated, like the white swimsuits, with some newspaper clippings and combined with fluttering kaftãs, everything for you to tear down in the pool. The deep necklines were featured in parades of Fashion Rio.

In addition to the always low-cut bathing suits also emerged very dug, with the bottom of the piece very bold, mimicking, sometimes bikinis “glider”. To contrast with the provocative formats, fabrics in neutral colors such as white and black. We already live models, colored, appear more behaved designes, with straight or canoe type collars, body covered and without cut-outs.

The belly had much prominence in these parts too, appearing in many newspaper clippings, moorings and rough strips. Here at, the close-set swimsuits can be combined with skirts, pants or short shorts in the summer, making up part of the urban looks. A swimsuit closed in print or neutral color, for example, can arise beautifully with a wide and blazer in the workplace.