Summer Looks with Hat

We are already in the spring, but this tropical climate of our Brazil makes the sensation of summer in practically every state, right, so that’s why I put it in the summer! Hahahaha! I love hats:I think it’s a chic, mega-chic accessory and it still protects us. When searching the images to illustrate this post I wonder why we, Brazilians, are not more adepts of this item that, besides having all the fashion advantages, is still perfect to hide from the sun? Maybe it’s a matter of custom and such, but I really think we need to start considering more summer looks with a hat. To encourage all of us, I’ve put together a few tips with looks for inspiration – yes, they are skinny women in the photos because the tip is for anyone and you can also use any production they are using in these photos! It’s not because the blog is plus size that I will not use material produced by lean, okay?Already clarifying why I’ve come across extremist people and I think that’s the end.

Tips for riding summer looks with hat

Let’s talk about hats ? There are several models and the most suitable for the summer, obviously, are the lightest, made of straw or fabrics. You will notice that it is possible to find straw hats in the most varied models. It is also possible to vary the hairstyles using the accessory: low and lateral tails look beautiful, as well as braids and cokes. If you are going to be exposed to the sun for a long time or go to the beach or pool, give preference to wide-brimmed models, as they also protect the region of the cervix, which burns a lot. If you are looking to find a template for you, Fedora, Panama and the Floppy are the most sought after.

So, what do you think about incorporating this accessory into your wardrobe? You can create cool productions of summer looks with a hat. I want to find some cool models to start using more in the day to day. Tell me what you found!