Style Loubet: the Boy Wonder of Mato Grosso Do Sul

Full of charisma, the singer Loubet became one of the icons of the modern country music. In love with the farm, the singer has a characteristic style. Check out some more:

The style Loubet

Emerson Carlos Loubet started your career as composer to 16 years. During this period, he met your manager, the known Badeco, who encouraged him to write the first CD and disseminate your work. With a career beyond victorious, the singer has more than 1 million fans on Facebook and renowned songs such as “Made in the farm” and “Woman, hat and butina. With a look that does not deny its origins, Loubet doesn’t open the boots, hats and buckle.

Lover of the Plaid Shirt, the singer plays a more tidy for their shows and interviews, always with pointy boots and short barrel, a structured blazer, shirts and custom belt buckle. For a simpler event, affixed to t-shirts, jeans and country boots country. The style of Loubet due to your experience, since I was a kid, on the farm. This influenced your way of dressing and the creativity to dominate country music.

For their productions of shows, Loubet affixed to shirts that give more elegance and sophistication. They are great companions, in addition to your custom buckle. In your head, you can’t miss the hat, which is quite characteristic of the singer. To the productions of everyday life, the singer bet on practicality, but without losing the country style.

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