Study Says Pregnant Women Who Eat Fruits Have Smarter Babies

A study in Canada argues that pregnant women who eat fruit have smarter babies.

Study Says Pregnant Women Who Eat Fruits Have Smarter Babies

Everyone knows that eating is very important at all stages of life. It is it that gives us energy and all the nutrients and essential substances for our life, especially in the period of pregnancy, because the pregnant woman should worry not only with her health but also with that of the baby that is developing.

Fruits are delicious foods that should be consumed by people of all ages, and pregnant women need to ingest these tastes throughout their pregnancy, but in moderation, so they will bring many benefits for moms and babies.

Do pregnant women who consume fruit have smarter babies?

In a survey conducted in Canada, some pregnant women who included in their daily diet, fruits had babies with better brain performance.

The study was based on data from another survey, in which more than 3,000 pairs of mothers and children participated and IQ tests performed with 688 one-year-old children from the city of Edmonton in Canada.

Experts say that the more the child stays in the womb, but it develops.

The results of this research have shown that consuming more than one serving of fruit every day gives the baby a benefit similar to being born a week later.

Pregnant women should eat fruits in moderation

The results of the study in Canada pointed to a deviation of six or seven points higher in the IQ scale of babies whose mothers used to consume fruit during pregnancy.

It is important that pregnant women know that eating too much fruit can be risky.

Excess fructose can be deposited as fat in the liver, so be careful.

Experts indicate at most three servings of fruit per day.

Natural fruit juice can be ingested in pregnancy, but also in moderation. If you feel thirsty drink water that leaves the body hydrated. The juice should be just a quick snack.

Fruits and Pregnancy

In the right measure, fruits are recommended foods for pregnant women because they are rich in water, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

The most suitable fruits for pregnant women are: pineapple, acerola, kiwi, orange, watermelon, avocado and other fruits that are rich in nutrients beneficial for pregnant women and their babies.

So, if you want to have a healthy and intelligent child, add the fruits that will only fit you and your little one today into your daily menu. So eat fruit for health.