Spring’s 10 Best Looking Pennyloafers

Loafers are the perhaps the shoe you mainly associate with summer. Tassels we wrote about a while ago here at Manolo and today we thought we look at it a little more discreet brother namely pennyloafern.

Spring's 10 Best Looking Pennyloafers 1

If you feel that crested loafers at Eshaoxing are somewhat extravagant pennyloafers offers a sober options. Depending on the material and color, we want to say that it is a model you can wear almost anything from a dark suit to a pair of short shorts in the summer.

For example, in the United States and Asia is considered to be a pair of black pennyloafers fully acceptable to a dark affärskostym while we in Europe puts the shoe as something more informal. It is still great to suit but rather a semi-formal such in cotton or linen.

We think pennyloafers is best in Brown. In a medium to dark brown shade of calfskin, a stylish alternative to the blue suit and in snuff or polo suede fits extremely well with jeans or chinos.

We have selected 10 options we like extra lot for the season.

Edward Green-Piccadilly

Model Piccadilly from Edward Green in the color Dark Oak feels extremely versatile throughout the summer.

John Lobb-Lopez

John Lobb has with her a bit blunt model Lopez a very popular pennyloafer. Here in dark brown suede.

Spring's 10 Best Looking Pennyloafers 2


A further some more casual interpretation of American Alden. Produced in the tannery Horweens natural Chromexcel-skins.


Model Andy from French Berluti with hand painted finish that the company is best known for.

Crockett & Jones-Sydney

Crockett & Jones has, in my opinion, one of the finest pennyloafers in the model Sydney in snuff suede.

Gaziano & Girling-Antibes

Gaziano & Girling model Antibes is a slightly different pennyloafer that do not have the characteristic “coin slot”. However, there is no doubt that it is among the most beautiful models on the market.


Espressobrun loafer by model Aliseo from Italian Santoni. An elegant and neat shoe with Blake stitched design.

Spring's 10 Best Looking Pennyloafers 3

Vidal Fernandez-3719

Grainskinn may not be any material primarily associate with our or loafers but in this case it works surprisingly well and makes the shoe useful well into the autumn.

Laszlo Vass-1042

Pennyloafers in Cordovanskinn from Hungarian Laszlo Vass which offers extremely high shoe for the money.

Carlos Santos-7027

A pair of affordable pennyloafers from Carlos Santos in a hot lovely shade Polo Suede.