Spring Summer Fashion Trends 2016

Straight from the catwalk, here is what will be trendy in fashion spring summer 2016: Shoulder, petticoats, dress jackets and many others to discover new trends in fashion colors for the coming season!

As we will dress for the Spring Summer 2016? As we want! Yes, the trend for the warmer seasons are so many that surely will please all tastes. From Milan to Paris to New York, the designers have played with colors very vibrant, new fabrics and above all lots of “throwback” ie there is a high possibility that what goes in fashion this spring/summer face already part of our wardrobe: this is indeed a good news for our portfolio! Let’s take a look at the major fashion trend for spring summer 2016 season.

The colors fashion spring summer 2016

The Pantone announced they and the fashion houses did not disappoint: the colors you will find in stores for spring summer 2016 are the rose quartz and echo fishing, both warm and enveloping tones but at the same time the small intestine. Join the seasonal colors also buttercup yellow and orange fiesta, very bright colors, and in the sunset. For cool tones wins the blue serenity, a shade almost dusty and snorkel blue, reminiscent of the shades of the sea, as well as the limpet shell, which is a cross between blue and green water. Among the basic colors are the brown iced coffee and lilac grey, very original gray variant. Finally the fresh shades of green will be a nice addition to the summer wardrobe.

Fresh white

Unable to face the season spring summer 2016 fashion without the white, symbol of freshness, clean and elegant. The white shirt is the base manager as proposed, deconstructed and reinvented, but also peplum dresses and lots of lace.  Combined with classic black, including geometry, polka dots and contrasting trim, do not miss the optical effect so loved.

Spring / Summer 2016: shoulders in sight!

From tomorrow at the gym stay focused on their shoulders: fashion spring summer 2016 wants discoveries! With vast necklines, straps down and asymmetric cuts to show their backs, the designers have put them on display highlighting a very sensual part of the female body.

Suit jacket: the new fashion trends for spring summer 2016

After the jeans and shirts, there’s another thing you could steal from the closet of your man: a nice jacket! The new fashion in fact want a jacket worn as over-sized dress. Already this winter if they are seen around, but the suit jacket can be worn also “skin” for the summer, possibly with a flat sandal to accentuate the sensual but androgynous look.

A season striped

Horizontal or vertical, broad or very narrow, the lines will be very present in the next season mostly on large and cool clothes. The thought of a striped dress actually makes immediately think of hot summer days and a terrace overlooking the sea, so we take advantage this trend to feel a bit ‘even if forced vacation in the city.

Password: shine!

Colored sequins, mirrors, silver and crystal technical fabrics that reflect the light will make us feel the queen of the festival: the fashion spring summer 2016 we will definitely shine.

90s to the rescue

A fashion that does not tend to disappear? The 90, who returned with the bomber, crop-tops, mesh network, parachute pants and sandals with rubber para (already running at last season). Minimal inspirations, grunge and street : everything you liked (and did not) the fashion of the 90s was repeated incessantly for this season.

Undergarments (and pajamas)

A must for the late 90s was undoubtedly the petticoat dress, so loved by the best-medical-schools.com, but that we, in fact, was not always so good. The convenience is indisputable, but we must also know how to wear silk and lace with the right accessories and the right personality. Along with petticoats peeking between the spring summer 2016 fashion trends also pajamas: plain or micro fantasy, we already know by now that it will be the most difficult trend to wear!

Fashion spring summer 2016? Romantic and feminine

Floral? For spring? Vanguard pure! So said the perfidious Miranda in The Devil Wears Prada, but if there’s one thing I always like it is a beautiful floral pattern on a light dress, which makes us travel with the imagination. Large flowers or micro patterns on clothes in a dressing gown impalpable fabrics or skirts , it is undisputed that this trend very accentuate our femininity.As well as clothes from the Victorian echoes, puffed sleeves and bows and ruffles present in most of the new collections.

Latin echoes

Ruffles and flounces bring us straight in Spain and Latin America with long skirts reminiscent of flamenco, low necklines on the shoulders and lots of red. We like it!