Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Trends

Fringes, denim, pastel, overalls, long afternoon and bag-to-back: you will not escape! The trendiest products of the season began invading shop windows and intend to squat until the end of the summer!

Fashion may well be an eternal, every season, it comes with a lot of new products and that give furiously envy even that was not paying attention to a few weeks earlier! The most incredible example? The skirt! Admit it, who really want to “impose” that old childhood memory? Yet, by dint of the cross in the shops and in the pages of magazines, our eyes get used and you wake up one day with this weird desire to rethread a culotte skirt … But rest assured, this is the the most extreme example of the season.

These are the other major trends announced for this spring-summer 2016:

– Overalls and avatar, the combination
– The total denim look, from head to foot through the accessories with the return of  jeans “mom”
– The marine influence: you pants and bridge shorts, smocks and senior laced manner “Pirates of the Caribbean”
– Zen attitude with many jackets kimonos and belted jackets
–  Pastel colors: it follows the recommendations of PMS and adopt immediately the marshmallow pink and baby blue!
–  African influences with much tissue wax, earth colors and details fringed
– Multicolored stripes: fine or XXL, they dethrone the classic black and white
– Noon length: yes, it concerns the skirt … but not that. One can also opt for a mid-calf and flared skirt. It’s easier and just as nice!
– The ribbed knit for his side nineties which had already foreseen the revival with sweaters socks this winter
– Flying: discrete lately, we rediscover them in skirts, dresses and tops for a folk touch and boho metallized: the glam and disco note that the summer comes on amount of accessory but also skirts and shorts covered in shiny sequins – the perforated mesh: jacket, sweater, top, she is in season – the printed tiles, invincible, but this summer, the ultimate, it’s the sleek, minimalist tiles with very fine lines – the seventies , again and again with abundance of fringes, skin, cuts “flare” … But beware, it touches soon the overdose.

Side accessories, bag-to-back because of resistance but is caught by the tote-bags, full season. And with the end of plastic bags, its side should do quenfler. As for shoes, brands have finally decided to make us wear  boots in all seasons: behold the boots impose even the summer. The undoubted star of the mid-season, this is the derby and his cousin, the moccasin.
Your turn now! We help you with our identification of 20 products trends of the season.