Spotify Map Shows the Most Heard Songs in Various Cities Around the World

Do not just provide millions and millions of tracks. It is necessary to provide means for the user to easily find those suitable to your tastes. The playlists recommendations Spotify meet reasonably well this need, but now there is another option, although experimental: A map that shows what the most heard songs in various cities around the world.


The map itself is based on OpenStreetMap and CartoDB platform that facilitates the insertion of information layers of different types. To feed the database, Spotify is a periodic survey of the songs most listened to by its users in every market in which it operates, but disregards very famous artists (such as international names) – the aim is to show what is particular to each region.

The company explains that the idea was inspired by the travel experiences. When you are in another country or city usually seeks to experience the typical food of the place. The map follows the same principle, only with music – you may be curious to know what people hear more there.

There are dozens of mapped cities, mainly in Europe and the Americas. In Brazil, several capitals were included, such as São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, as well as some medium-sized cities to large, as Maringa (PR), Ribeirão Preto (SP) and Uberlandia (MG).

Clicking on any city included, you are directed to the playlist with the most heard songs there. According to Spotify, the map is updated twice a month. For each update, more than 20 billion connections (songs ratio heard by the user) are analyzed. In Cascavel (PR), for example, the tracks that lead are these:

For now, the map is just a curiosity, but the initiative gives a small idea of ​​the amount of data that Spotify has at its disposal and how all this volume can be used, for example, to improve music recommendations.

Spotify know as well that that to use intelligently the information collection, acquired Seed Scientific, a company specialized in analysis data.